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Cleaning & Repairs
The Basics… Film Plane Casting Removal


If you need to remove the back Film Plane Casting to access the shutter curtains or to repair the shutter curtain ribbons, here is the procedure. For the novice this is the basic of the basics.


 Pull out the Yak hair twine used as a light seal. It probably will be in poor shape after all these years.


 Remove the four screws as indicated by the Yellow Arrows. Make note that one or more of the screws will be shorter depending on year model. This 1963 Kiev 4 has one short screw indicated by the Yellow Circle. The one inset screw at the bottom of the Film Advance Sprocket Spindle shown by the Blue Arrow.


 Here’s a close-up of the screw at the bottom of the Film Advance Sprocket Spindle. A slightly magnetized screwdriver will aid in taking this screw out and in placing it back for reassembly. Removing this screw will allow the Film Advance Sprocket Spindle to move with the Back Casting.


 Pull down on Back Casting indicated by Blue Arrow to clear along the top at the body as indicated by the Red Arrows.


 Lift off the casting starting from the viewfinder side and lift clear away.



 Depending on what you wish to accomplish or maybe you are just sight seeing, here’s what you will find underneath.


For reassembly just reverse the steps. You may wish to update the Yak hair twine used as a light seal at this time.


 If you are like me, I replace the light seals with more modern synthetic materials. This urethane foam made by Rogers Corporation under the Poron product name has an adhesive back and comes in many thicknesses, densities and cell structures. The top-most one I find most appropriate for replacing light seals.

 More information on Poron Urethane Foam can be found on Rogers Corporation web site.


June 24, 2007