to Osho Pulse online,
a creation of the Vancouver sannyas community,
celebrating, naturally enough, Osho and ourselves.

Osho, whose picture you saw coming in, is an Indian mystic. 
He describes himself as a man of no words. 
He says that words cannot convey the truth, 
yet his hundreds of books express the inexpressable. 
We invite you to sample his words and our stories, 
perhaps to bring a smile to your lips and 
a rest for your weary mouse finger.
And who knows?

The magazine's organization 
       reflects that of the hard copy originals.
            The first issue appeared in March, 1996.
       We published "every now and then,"
 until we didn't.

Meanwhile, the archive remains, so enjoy.

Issue #1
(Mar '96)

Issue #2
(Jan '97)

Issue #3
(Sep '97)

Issue #4
(Mar '99)

One Osho-related spinoff continues to get occasionally updated, and that is a songbook, with words and chords to over a hundred Osho songs, based on a hard-copy songbook also published in those active years. New treats still appear there, including a major development in Jan 2011 :-)

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