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Recently i have come to learn that there are many visitors to this site and i am considered influential by some people, to the point where i have to take seriously heh heh my Role and Position and suchlike. I should consider my Utterances carefully, lest they influence someone in an unhappy way, etc. My Disclaimer is apparently not enough to dispel the cloud of Seriousness and Importance that can accrue to an Authority Figure, bogus or otherwise, which i seem to have become in some respects.

Okay. I can accept that i have amassed a great deal of useful information here, and present it in a sort of "cool" way actually quite uncool by some standards, but that's another story. Some people out there are impressed. But let's keep that in perspective, especially since we are talking about a field where intellectual knowledge has no relevance to "success" in the field. In fact, it was the consideration that i must be putting myself above the luminaries in order to evaluate them that led me to list and rate myself, explicitly as bogus. I thought that with that, the matter was done.

But Noooooo!

So here we are again, in yet another form, trying to reach those impressionables who may be attributing some Quality to me of which i am unworthy. (The abusers who take me too seriously have been generally disarmed by the Disclaimer.) So let's be clear about a few Things:

1) This gathering of facts and links and opinions is just that, and does not represent Wisdom.

2) As a nexus for information about potential "baddies," it has some value but that value should not be extrapolated into other areas where judgment is so subjective.

3) I like the idea of many people's voices contributing here, both "enlightened" and not, and they do give a more "objective" flavour to the site, but it is still one unenlightened person who chooses what to include, including the stuff with which he nominally disagrees.

I could go on but  perhaps you get the point. There is no need to be impressed by the subjective views expressed here. Buddha said, "Be a light unto yourself." This is often taken out of the context in which it was originally uttered, to suit the needs of the people-egos quoting, and i will do the same: Here, in the Presence of a non-Master, your own insight will be be more useful than mine. Use the information with intelligence. Collate, weigh and doubt.

And enjoy your visit.

Blessings (are showering on all of us at every moment), Sarlo 

And if that's not enough, here's what Osho, my master, had to say on the subject of evaluating masters in his book Sat Chit Anand:

I am a clear-cut, straightforward person. I don't want any nonsense to grow around me, and I want the same to be true about you. When I say that every enlightened being disappears into the same universe and there is no question of anybody being higher or lower you have to learn it. It is the first time that anybody is telling his disciples to drop the ego which is hiding behind the idea that, "I have got the greatest master."

It has nothing to do with the master, it has something to do with your own ego. Drop it. I am not the greatest master. In the world of masters there is no one who is great, and there is no one who is not great.

All these categories are of the mind, they don't apply when mind is no more.

You are simply an utter silence, a pure presence with no person there. It is the same experience, the same taste, the same sweetness, the same blissfulness, the same truth, the same consciousness, the same ecstasy.

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