The Path of Acceptance

Seeing the mind's judgements for what they are and replacing them gently with acceptance, when feelings arise it becomes easier to simply be present with them and to feel one's way down through their layers to the peace that is always beneath.
– Thus spake someone

There are a couple of other aspects of this i have found helpful. One is to put the focus on just acceptance rather than self-acceptance. This avoids reinforcing the already strong enough dichotomy between "self" and "other" that is so problematical. Most of the time there is in any case no conflict between self and other so acceptance flows like a lazy river, not having to choose. And this situation pertains more and more as acceptance is "accepted."
In some cases this could lead to a moralistic forced acceptance of the "other's" point of view or trip at "my" expense, which i have come to see as unhealthy and usually not in "my" interest nor necessarily in the "other's."
The question of how to avoid the potential masochism of this situation is dealt with by the second aspect, which is: i realized that if a situation is happening there must already be acceptance of it somewhere, otherwise it could not arise. So i find where that acceptance is. If i would do violence to myself to accept, say, something apparently nasty happening to myself, okay: i don't have to accept it. The usual solution will be to accept my non-acceptance, ie this is where i can easily find the acceptance that must be present. If i am so conflicted
a fairly unusual situation, though it was less so in the beginning of my career that i cannot accept my non-acceptance, i can go to the next level, ie i accept that i am conflicted. An infinite regession is theoretically possible here with each subsequent level being more and more unreal in the terms of everyday experience, but practically speaking, the level of accepting conflictedness is all that is needed.
This exercise
more a gentle stretching than a calisthenic grunt strengthens all essential non-physical muscle groups almost by definition effortlessly. Use it in good health.