Mueslings: Appetizers

(the short ones)

on acceptance: No Problem, eh?     May '00
on art: Encapsulating the Infinite
awards: HumDrum     Wins Nobul Prize!
on the body: Hello Beloved Friend
on boomers: Self-Absorption as a Way of Life
cartoons: The View from Here
on death: Like, I'm Sure
on ethnic etiquette: Some of My Best Friends
on evolution: I'm Evolved, You're Evolved
on fame: No Thanks
on folly and wisdom: You Don't Say
on "I": The Vertical Pronoun
on jealousy: This One's for You
on not knowing: Yes, I Don't Know
on meditation: Why Bother?
on the missionary position: Doing unto Others
on nothing in particular: Untitled
on opinions: Stop Me If You've Heard This One
on organic food: Opium for the Elite
on paradox: What's Yours is Mine
on persistence: Keeping It Up
a pre-enlightenment offer: Amazing Offer! Act Now!
on sanctimony: J'accuse Hits Om
on shit: Yes, the well-known digestive "end-product"

What fools these morsels be! I demand !

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