Coming Out

an explosion of energy in our community

by Sw Bodhi Prem

he Osho Buddhafield Fair is happening on March 30, l996. Isn't it amazing?!! Who could have ever thought our community could pull it off? Our reputation for being a backwater of laid-backness is legendary here on the west coast. Is it the climate or maybe a fading connection with the master? There have always been a few sannyasins who kept the flame of meditation burning and now these flames are joining with many new ones as well. Many people have turned out to lend their support, both sannyasin and non-sannyasin, to make this a happening event.

Putting Osho's picture on the flyer and in Shared Vision to publicize the Fair brought up some fear for me. I knew it would push some buttons but I felt it had to be done. It's time to come out of the closet and declare that yes, I'm a disciple of Osho and yes, sometimes it scares the shit out of me to acknowledge it. I'm afraid I'll be judged by all those people who remember Osho as the sex guru or the Rolls Royce guru in Oregon, and also by those within our community who were once with Osho but have "moved on" to something else. There is a certain security in staying small and hiding the fact that Osho is my master. Something I've always loved about Osho is his courage to speak the truth whatsoever the consequences. He loves trouble as much as he loves celebration. He has given me so much that I want to share my gratefulness. This for me is the essence of the Buddhafield Fair.

When I look back and see the path I've walked with Osho, it hasn't always been easy. I've had my doubts, falling in and out of love with him, wondering what the fuck am I doing following a guy in a dress, ski cap, long white beard and high heel flip-flops. It seems like the path has been walk a step, fall on my face, brush myself off, take another step, fall on my face, and so on. In the process transformation happens. I know in my heart of hearts that it's not about Osho – he's only the mirror that has helped me see myself in all my darkness and all my beauty and love.

As a community we have much to share. There are many skilled body workers, outstanding therapists and talented artists whose creative expression can transform ordinary experience. But perhaps our greatest gift to share is our open hearts and our love. Isn't this what we are truly sharing when we participate in the Fair? Here is a chance for Vancouver to see Osho through us – from the inside, not from the usual outside media point of view.

Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this Osho Buddhafield Fair possible. The myth of the Vancouver sannyasin community's inertia has been crumbling for the past two years. This big "coming-out" party should finish it off once and for all.

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