Hello, Beloved Friend

This is not a tale of miraculous revelation or conversion or exhortation. Temple of the Soul, etc is all very well and no doubt works great as a model for some. I personally have neither abused, worshipped nor otherwise fixated on my body, rather ignoring it unless it needed something. Lately i have come to appreciate this marvellous support system and started to give it more attention.

In fact, it has been a good friend, and even in its complaints it provides inspiration for growth possibilities. A frozen shoulder which reached its nadir of immobility about a year and a half ago led, after some good old allopathic treatment, to a series of stretching exercises, at first just for the shoulder, but then spreading and taking over everything. This much i can do to maintain my support system, to try to keep it supple and in reasonably good shape without making a fetish out of it. The shoulder reminded me that some care was needed and soon it became a meditation. Tuning into the body's needs and expressions, using it as a vehicle for awareness.

No big deal, but thanks for the reminder.