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Some of the criticisms i have received over the years. 
I apologise to those whose hits are lost because they came before i started this page.
You too could be here, but this is not for complaints about your guru's low rating.
Most recent ones added at the top, except for the first two, atypical entries. 
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First something a little different, a counterpoint to the crits, received a while ago but ever-worthy:

I am surprised that so many people get upset at your ratings,To tell you the truth I don't even really pay any attention to your rating system.I use the site purely for reference and reading about the many Masters,Teachers and Gurus.I can spend hours at a time clicking on the links to get a "feel" for a particular Teacher or Guru.

I trust my own gut feelings and experiences and I take a little from every teacher and lineage that works for me.

Anyway,I just wanted to thank you for providing us this site and for the countless hours of surfing and studying the countless beings who make up the One.

Toward The One

Mark Banks

And then there's this, also outside the normal run of things here:

Subj: Lazy Fucking Bastards

                I am
writing to clarify the fact that all of these so called 'spiritual' teachers and masters that are banding themselves around giving bogus 'satsangs' are a bunch of lazy fucking bastards who have nothing better to do but to lie, cheat and rip off those sorrowful punters (religious extremists) who are stupid enough to be taken in by their bullshit. I'ts about time that they got off thier lazy fat fucking selfish and self centred fucking arses and did something about the state of a human race thats going to rack and ruin and taking the whole nature as we now it on this planet with them. For those concerned (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) they had better watch thier backs because I AM GOING TO SHOP THEM IN!

                                 Yours sincerely,

                                                      Brendan G Whyatt

Now on with the complaints, critiques and fine tunings! 

Hello! It seems you've been doing an awful lot of work. Are you waiting for something to happen? If you have read any of the admirably long list of people on you site, shouldn't you have shut up by now instead of still working on these lists and waiting for a messiah for salvation of the people or for yourself?



It's obvious that you're in no way qualified to judge on these matters. You bring an adolescent attitude to decisions that could affect people in serious ways. You should take a step back, do a little growing up and then revisit the area of spiritual development. Tone up your discernment and tone down your ego. You should not be advising others.

Bill S

it obvious you are using this website as a means to promote people and discredit others, all the gurus you rate just sell books tapes and courses so obviously you have some secret advertising arrangement with them.

[X] sells nothing, its enough proof as to his intentions and he does not need people like you discreditting him.

Your FIRST and most important point of call to rate a Guru is Do they SELL anything, obviously you do, you use religion to PROFITEER your sould is blacker than pitch


Dear Sarlo
I do not know who you are.
I have met many spiritual teachers in my life so far.
Some Great some, well, not for me.
But I do know it is NOT for me to judge them.

Everyone is at a different level! And therefore needs a teacher at the level they are able to comprehend.

My own Guru is listed on your page, clearly you never met him.
In his presence I have been able to fly in the inner worlds and meet some great Master's on the inner plains.

Are you there yet?
If not, it is my humble opinion you take down your sight or so do some internal investigation as perhaps you are missing something.

Have you ever considered the Karma of judging Gurus? Not Karma I would wish to acquire.
I know you believe that you are doing service, but in judging others you are acquiring the Karma of being judged. If a Guru helps someone, even if they are not for you they are still serving.

Please consider what I am saying, it is for your benefit. A true Guru is above earthly judgment.


[Regarding Satguru XYZ:]
He is pure and true.  Stop being so arrogant (please?).  Your site is v distasteful.  Shame on you.

Subj: Stop This Work
Do you have any idea of what you are doing. You are misleading people in general. Who gave you the right to rate pious personalties. 

I was shocked to see the name of "[Sri B]" in the list , rated as "BOGUS"........
Do you have any information about this personality......with my experience and a little bit of spiritual progress ..i can surely say that [Sri B] is a complete master (he was not practicing devotion but was pure devotion personified)...he is at a stage where sins cannot touch him (HE IS NOT UNDER MAYA LIKE US BUT USE TO ACT UNDER THE DIVINE YOGMAYA...i am sure u will not understand these terms )....he is the person who use to see god every moment..
The Lord will not forgive you for the work you are doing.
Stop this at once...( I know you will not take my advice AS HOG ALWAYS LIKE STOOL , EVEN IF YOU SERVE A SOME GOOD FOOD)

I pray to the Lord may the causless mercy of [Sri B] be showered on your life and you understand your mistakes .

Your wellwisher
Note: if you cannot stop this shit atleast remove his name as he is no more in this world with us.

Dear Sarlo,

This is enlightenment calling you from the mainstream, normal world. From all in your listing it seems as though the common denominator is the ability if not the awareness for the 'gurus' to instigate or participate in transformation. Due to the fact that all of them are predominantly steeped in traditional 'ways' there is no possibility for change. There is no possibility for change in the culture that supports the alternative world from which they all come so therefore they are stuck. 

In the normal world there is change happening all the time but you have to venture outside to see this. Please don't take this e-mail as a criticism, it is simply a collection of facts.

We do not wish to have a name put to whatever text we send you. The imagined spiritual world's problem is that of iconography. We at One world are aiming to change that trend and create one-ness in every aspect of life.

Kind regards,


Hi Mr Sarlo...I sent this to you nearly a year ago. Are you still thinking it over? I checked out your site again recently and it still polarizes wherever possible, creating a negative political field all comments were by no means ad hominem or intended so; I look forward to hearing the reasoning behind a wedge-based rating system. Some comments (the section on [X] as an example) were breathtakingly mean-spirited.


[Sarlo addresses this point: Sometimes email gets lost. I don't remember seeing the one below that my correspondent refers to. Best evidence of that is i would have put it here then :-) ]

Mr Sarlo

I believe your site would be twice as effective if you eliminated
altogether your rating system. The links and portals would be just as
illuminating, as are your brief expository sketches. Is the rating 
system in place to encourage dissent? Because if this is the case it
works too well, turning potential discourse into flame-magnets and
pissing matches. Moreover, your buds are crassly reminiscent of the
1970's limp-to-erect dick rating system for pornographic films 
developed by critics at Hustler magazine.

It's just kind of difficult to take the next step into a weblink after
reading an intro where you label the guru as either fraudulent or
preternatural. It can cloud an open mind. 

All the best,


Subj: You have zero credibility

Your rating of X couldn't be more wrong.  And it is apparently based on about as shallow understanding of what he taught as one could get.  You know not what of you judge.  Do you judge all of your gurus without knowing anything about what they teach?

That's really really bad karma for you.


You know, once one has gotten any of the folks you review as Consciouness Only, prior to all worlds, the jibbering about the various qualities is but shadows on the wall. Not to say that the opportunity to drink from that cup is not available to varying degrees, but if you realized that Presence is Everything, your focus in the realm it is fixated in would dissolve. How can you rate spiritual adepts if you have not listened to their silence? I recall the acount of a British officer with no spiritual background going to sit with the silent Ramana. After he left, when he could eventually speak, he said, "I have just seen God!". I have the sense you would be speaking about how the old, lazy man was clearly a fraud, because he was lying on the pelt of an endangered animal and requiring devotees to attend his every wish. 

"When a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are his pockets."



How tragic! How weird! Rating the non-dual teachers -- how tragically American.

Sit with any of them (I've heard Adya, Catherine, Gangaji, Eli) and you'll surely repent of your foolishness. At any rate, don't be rating people based on one sitting. Please. You may hurt people of remarkable dignity and value in their teachings by discouraging anyone from sitting with them.

Common sense may say that your soul may suffer some serious karmic consequences. Who are you to judge? Who are you to place the judgement of those in ones' minds?

Subject: Something intellignent to say ?
No, but please do close your website, since it has nothing to offer and Take Your Time to Criticize Your Own Nonsense;

Sir I dunno who you are, my humble request,..... close this site,.... u do not know unknowingly what sin u r accumulating.

It's for ur good I'm telling, If u want to continue u do but one thing is for sure, u are leading ur life into miseries. You are indirectly commenting upon those who are situated at a very higher platform than you are. We are in illusory world, and these people for example Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, Shrila Prabhupad,..... my God, I've heard them. Pls dont misunderstand my mail to be debating abt low rating,.... I'm saying nobody on this earth is fit to rate these souls. It's just like an ant in the corner of the room is given telescope and the ant tries to measure the end of the universe. It's Stupid, dont do it !!. You are putting others also into illusion. My humble request ... pls stop it.

May Lord Reveal to the Absolute Knowledge.

Chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
And Be Happy

How come you are guilty of the same offence you accuse all these gurus? If you are really sincere you will have recognised that what is is. That your role is to criticise and label, you have no choice but to do what you are doing. You are also Consciousness manifesting in this way. so even though you are setting yourself up as the know all that is what you have been destined to do. Just Enjoy, surrender and realise that it is as is.

For an self-styled enlightened person, you are pretty tacky, to say the least.

I can NOT believe your website "rating" of gurus - what crapola!

What total crap!

Did your guru never explain to you that comparison is the sickness of the unenlightened mind? It's enough to make Rajneesh hang his head and weep.

Back to school for you. Better yet, stay with whatever it is you are smoking.

What makes you the expert? If you don't what the hell you're talking about then don't put this shit on the net. Just be glad I don't know where you live. Prick!!!!!!!!

Hey sarlo   Hari OM!

AT first have you studied any Vedanta or Upanishads and realized your SELF, then you rate the Guru,

You Sarlo, You do not have respect to real Guru's First ask Who are You to Yourself and realize and then talk about all these

Who are you to rate Gurus???? Man.... You do not have any other job.

Try to Meditate and realize. do not waste time... The big great judge Sarlo.

The lazy, bugger sarlo

regards, Krishna


Somehow we ended up on your page and feel quite sorry for the author(s) of it. It seems completely futile, to put any ratings regarding all sorts of people, you possibly can't know yourself. And even if you knew - what's the point ? Any evaluation is yours only and  belongs to a world of mentality - comparison and judgement. And that's what hinders most people in transcending the chains of constant conceptualisation. Why reinforce that mentality..?

You may have your own vested interests in doing so - yet we doubt, that this will be of any benefit to anyone. On the contrary..

regards, JL

Well, it seems you are a very enlightened soul. For anyone to have experienced fully all the various philosophies, religions, paths, call them what you may, and be in a position to rate them all according to (your percieved) merits is an accomplishment breathtaking in scope and ambition.

So tell me- have you fully investigated even so much as a single master, or teaching, you so blithely rate as casually as the motion picture society rates films?

What makes you think YOU have the ability to rate gurus.
You're a slimebucket!

here i come across your page again...
and laugh in the devine mystery of where you even come off rating people.
do you know who u are??

Yours is the worst site I have evey [sic] seen!
Robert Sarlo [no relation]

First of all, I'd just like to ask you who you are or what gives you the power to determine a "rating" for the different groups/organizations.

I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am, but I belong to one of the groups on your list. We never rate or rank other groups and the only way you can be sure of what that group is about, is by experiencing the activity or practice yourself. In some of these movements, you require more time than you can think. In fact one or two years is quite little to experience a movement as the one I am part of.

In addition, your rankings are whack and biased. Unless you are part of a committee or group that has the intelligence, and materials/resources to analyze each and every one of those groups mentioned on your list, you have absolutely no right to rank.

And from the descriptions you gave about the groups on the site, it seems your intelligence of many of these groups is by far at a low level.

Just giving you a taste of reality chum. Everyone doesn't see it the way you do!
It was nice chattin with ya, take care!

[and after my response . . .]

It seems like you are a down to Earth individual. I hope you weren't offended by the e-mail I wrote to you. Although you are free to rank these groups with whatever level of research and examination you have, it's quite surprising that you are rating leaders of religions. 

Websites are based on material from a small portion of the administrative teams of these groups. How are you sure that what they claim on their sites is acurate? I myself do not think that the movement I am part of isn't fully justified by the material on the site. For that matter, many of the individuals on your list are recognized and respected by our group. It's quite dissapointing that you are not able to witness and comprehend what half of these people's messages are about. And if you cannot see that the body of all these ideas are similar, it's a loss to you. I am in position to tell you how to perceive things, but I am able to direct you, whether you chose to listen or not. Many of these leaders are more intelligent than you have given them credit for. As I said before, websites are mere reading material and do not hold complete meaning. I guess, this time I am able to say it was nice chattin with ya, and once again, I don't mean no harm. Take care man.

[And out of chrono order, saved for the last so as not to ruin your enjoyment of the others . . . ]
The most funny part at your site is Bricks1. How in earth can so many people be so upset about a website that they happen to see? I think you have found something here....!

* see also Bricks2 for more pointed criticisms, 
and Sugg for systemic suggestions

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