Most Important:

Friends of Osho: great site, with links to all kinds of sites, people and projects
around the world

Pune Commune Pages:

Osho.Com: Site vastly re-organized, with many useful and attractive features
gone or hard to find.
These include the list of centres around the world, site map, library and
title info and most important, the Osho search facility. Now, this is not actually
gone but expanded to include 227 books – the catch is now you have to pay for it.
The good news is the Osho Zen Tarot cards are still available.

Other Osho-Related Sites:

Osho Here and Now Books, DVDs, videos, audio tapes, mp3s, CDs, posters, etc, some rare stuff New portal with videos, interviews, chat, blog, personal ads, event listings, etc
Meditate-Celebrate: Keerti's project, vast info on Osho and sannyas, especially India
OshoWorld Delhi-based HQ for independent Indian Osho lovers, includes online mag
Viha Connection: Mill Valley-based, piquant, poignant, pertinent and impertinent
The KIDS site: Kids In Divine Spirit. Fabulous site of sannyas kids, now grown.
Rebellious Spirit: Czech-based magazine, message board and event listings
Osho Gautama Multiversity Branch of Veeresh's Humaniversity in Italy
Yoni: Australia-based outrageous feminist, mainly non-sannyasin
Osho Northwest: A bulletin board for the Pacific Northwest
Osho community (Oregon, Washington, BC, etc)
Osho's Heartbeats: Also Seattle-based
Amano's Jokes: Authentic Osho jokes, in English and German
Osho Deepta: central resource for Osho trademark monopoly resistance
Osho Institute for Living and Dying: based in Germany – counseling and trainings
Yahoo Groups: over 50 email list groups related to Osho supported by Yahoo

Sannyas WebRing
: E-Z Linking connection mode for World of Osho

Non-Osho Sites:

HumDrum: Sarlo's personal writing and wranting, leavened with humour
Adbusters: dedicated to subverting the dominant paradigm –
analysis and satire of media and advertising
News of the Weird: dedicated to the proposition that it's pretty strange out there,
as is Yahoo's Weird News, a central depot of such sites
Ship of Fools: a Christian humour magazine (!!!), pokes gentle fun at
Christian absurdities and tackinesses

and for those with nowhere to go, try HERE!
(Osho Pulse)

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