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OKAY! Listen up! This here crossword, no relation to either the Christian Cross or Word, is Osho-thematic. This means, since it is not possible to get all the answers to fit the theme, often the clues have to be twisted to fit the theme. This means sometimes they will be pretty fanciful, elliptical or of the genre known as cryptic. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of play, visit Instructions.

Unlike koans, they are solveable, but like koans they involve leaving old conceptual patterns, and with luck, an AHA! So use your imaginations, play and enjoy! Your patience will be rewarded.

Numbers in parentheses after the clues indicate word lengths.

1. (See 21).
9. One thing Osho tries to do with our minds – don’t get it? (7)
10. Two musical forms from Osho, but never together like this. (7)
11. “Still Open”: sign after Osho left the body. (6,2,5)
14. Wall type between ourselves and existence. (5)
16. Two times for Full Moon Rising occasion. (9)
19. Went 1 Dn: therapeutic adventure or just immature? (9)
20. Superior place to store our crap. (5)
21, 1. What to believe, and when. (3,10,6,9)
27. Something that should be applied to how we see existence; or what existence does with us, depending on how we see it: a 28 of 4? (7)
28. Expel Ma, for instance, to achieve proper mixture. (7)
29. Mind stuff based on incomplete experience projected on future. (5,3,7)

1. If we have to go somewhere, anywhere but there, the worst of all possible directions! (4)
2. What to be doing with those trips, and I don’t mean polishing! (9)
3. There’s nothing in device to wake us up! (5)
4. Gifts of the Master. (9)
5. Those arrangements are no substitute for consciousness. (5)
6. Scripture of the sex guru? (4,5)
7. The way of the heart? (5)
8, 13. Now and here the only real ones. (4,5)
12. Result: about how many countries rejected Osho. (5)
13. (See 8).
15. Now that we don’t have to renounce the world, we can have these, the last word in religious activities, it is, around the east. (9)
17. Nietzschean contribution to Now Zen... (3,2,4)
18. Oregon city resident who ran before Rajneesh? (9)
22. The Master has arisen! (Presumably 1ac) (3,2)
23. Religion of The Original Man? (5)
24. Particularly terrible hereditary politicians. (5)
25. Physical 28 of 29? (4)
26. Daily mind food masquerading as fresh information. (4)

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