My Genes Made Me Do It!

Evolutionary psychology is a hot new field, finding all kinds of explanations for why we are the way we are. The compelling logic behind it is we wouldn't be like this if there weren't some great reason in our prehistory for this quality, some way in which this quality gave our ancestors a survival or reproductive advantage over others. This logic retrofits itself to the smallest tics of our behaviour, as though Darwin Himself sat in the heavens, applying thumbs up or down to this or that. No behaviour is too inconsequential to escape this imposed relevance.

Well, okay. This is all very well as long as it confines itself to investigating who we are. The more we understand ourselves, the more conscious we can be, etc. Even "hard sciences," though, have trouble refraining from imposing their insights as a metaphysical overlay. This branch of knowledge seems particularly prone to selling its services to status quo wankers, whose aim is not understanding, but buttressing beliefs. Explanation becomes justification becomes God's will.

Well, fuck that. We can do better than that and in fact must. Technology has evolved to the point yada yada. Social systems have also evolved but "civilization" has been more a suppression and cover-up of our animal tendencies than understanding – a social lubricant. Our consciousness, buried under a mountain of systems, has hardly evolved at all except for an occasional Buddha or Osho. And justifications of the status quo do not help.

Okay, so you knew that. Great!