Perchance to Die

The reality of my own death is starting to intrude on my life. That is, it has always been here, and Osho has always encouraged us to use its inevitability as a tool to create an urgency to wake up. Find that within yourself which is immortal, he says; that which you were before your birth must remain after death. Connecting with that will free you from death.
Yeah, whatever.
Like many things he says, its application is best when it resonates inside with some original insight or experience of my own. Nirgun's book, Hellbent for Enlightenment, is full of stories and anecdotes that illustrate this, culminating in a brilliant exposition of how the ranch was an existential lesson in dealing with power structures within and without, lessons which Osho had given verbally but we had to experience directly before we really got it.
Anyway, as i was saying, the reality of my death is starting to insinuate itself. Shots across the bow are coming, sporadic but increasing decrepitudes. Okay. I can live with this, i can live with that, but the unavoidable cumulative conclusion is that this body will really finish sometime. I mean, it can't decline forever.
So, okay. Let's get to work.