Special Dirt Sites
focusing on particular figures and groups
(fallen masters are in alphabetical order)
(not updated all that often)

Daism Research Index 

Adi Da Samraj, aka Bubba Free John, etc. Personal project of "Elias," includes +ve, –ve. Includes great long post in Daism Forum on Authoritarianism and Adidam [Both pages on ice waiting for new server Jul '09]

also Children of COG

David Brandt Berg aka Moses David. Xfamily has lots of news, up-to-date wiki-type info on current group. CCOG, Children of God survivors, had lots of stuff, now a rump blog, may reconstitute, but owner needed to get a life.

American Buddha

General and specific dirt on Buddhist excesses, especially Tibetan. Includes Jetsunma, Tendzin, Kalu, Karmapa, Trungpa and more. A-B site now for members only, see Bugmenot.com if you don't wanna join.

Corey Donovan

Extensive documented dirt on Carlos Castaneda and successors

Leaving Nityananda Institute

Swami Chetanananda, aka Michael Shoemaker. Strong-armed self-appointed successor of "Rudi," Muktananda line, sexual exploitation and dishonesty, intimidation, etc alleged. NB new URL for dirt site, = old site preserved by Archive.org

Sri Chinmoy 
Support Group

Sri Chinmoy, aka Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, superhuman feats, celibacy shtick, psych-abuse exposed, ex-members' group with testimonies, Yahoo forum

What Enlightenment?!

Andrew Cohen, blog / discussion site created by collective including ex-editor of Cohen's eclectic mag, lots of input, tales of abuse, harassment etc, now mainly an inactive archive

Operation Clambake

L Ron Hubbard, org = Scientology, extensive links to critics sites, news etc, from a deep insider with lots of contacts, lots of detail on their operations 

Jiyuno Toride

Daisaku Ikeda , org = Soka Gakkai Int'l, testimonials re corruption, fascist ambitions etc, small English section of large Japanese site, Victims of Soka Gakkai Association


Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati aka Joya Santana, Joyce Green, Joyce Cho, site is mainly press clippings, includes long Yoga Journal article by Ram Dass on why he left her, now in pdf format! Old URL restored after hassles from Kashi org

Ananda Awareness Network

Swami Kriyananda aka Donald Waters, fired successor of P Yogananda, Ananda Community, mainly concerned with "celibate" K'nanda's dalliances with the inevitable young women. See also Anandainfo.com


Guru Maharaji, aka Prem Pal Singh Rawat. Biggest of Ex sites. Hugely documented, multi testimonies, hacked Jan '02 allegedly by Premies! Back with mirror sites, Ex-Premie2.org + 3 and 4. See also this well-developed series of apparently related sites: prem-rawat-bio.org/, prem-rawat-maharaji.info/, prem-rawat-critique.org/ 

TM-Free Blog

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, aka Mahesh Prasad Varma. Joint project of six of MMY's most prominent critical exes, focal point supersedes previous individual anti-sites

Leaving Siddha Yoga 

Paramahansa Muktananda, Siddha Yoga. Sexual abuse and power trips. See also Cyberpass for links to his failed heirs: Adi Da, Master Charles, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, Chidvilasananda, Nityananda, Chetanananda, Rudi, and more

Sahaja Yoha Facts

Mataji Nirmala Devi aka Nirmala Srivastava, apparently no relation to Shyam. Testimonials from exes includes sexual abuse + fascinating Osho connection in English portion of French Site


Harry Palmer: Goes deep into details of faking academic credentials, Scientology background, harassment of critical exes, money, methodology, entity exorcism, etc

Mike Williams 

Chaotic Radhasoami obsessionist: History + Links – includes WWI airplanes. See also Exes Support club

Predator Ozen Rajneesh

Ozen Rajneesh aka Swami Rajneesh, Osho Rajneesh, Rajnish Agrawal, lots of varied dirt, including sexual predation, fraud allegations, "disappearance", aggressive "enforcers", blackmail, etc


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: org = Art of Living, alleges corruption, ambition, suppression of anti- material, links to other similar sites


Sathya Sai Baba: Former sites down (occupational hazard?). This new one run by Dutch exes, tons of testimonials, links

Operation Pink Igloo

Swami Satchidananda, Yogaville. Sexual abuse stories

Leaving Shiva Yoga

Swami Shankarananda Saraswati, aka Russell Kruckman. Just getting started in 2015, sexual abuse denied as tantra, "Mediation" process controlled by org, Kruckman's original apology swept under carpet, etc


Swami Shyam, aka Shyam Srivastava. Good links to similar sites on other gurus, particular and collective, inspiration for this page

Cult of Butler.com/

Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa aka Chris Butler. Site down (link disabled) but included letters from A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, old now repudiated (and confiscated) book, business and political connections, lots more


Deals with the excesses of Zen Masters in general, the "Critical" material a section of the whole excellent and informative site. Covers sexual abuse, succession and lineage shenanigans, power-tripping, militarism and other ethical matters. 

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