~ Disclaimer ~

More than a few people have written to tell me

a) it is not possible or appropriate to rate gurus, 
b) i do not have the qualifications to rate gurus
c) my methodology sucks
and variations on these themes

When a rating or description or characterization changes, it is not usually because the guru has changed, but because i have been unperceptive, prejudiced, uninformed or otherwise lacking in clarity

Visitors to this site may come to grief by 
a) missing their real master 
b) going with someone who turns out to be a fake
c) being insulted by my opinions of their master
and various other problems for which they may blame me

a) i am not an expert in this field
b) there is no such thing as an expert in this field
c) except someone who is enlightened
d) but even so they may not be believable

A few things are 100% clear, i think
a) you have to take responsibility for your own life
b) even though it was your parents who made you like this
c) and anyway it's all in God's hands
so leave me out of it, okay?

This site and its owner offer no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy or validity of these ratings and opinions. They are to be taken seriously at your own risk. You're on your own, bubba. 

And if you're still not convinced, see also About GR, for more disclaiming with a different flavour.

= But feel free to tell me yourself, in your own inimitable words. See Feedback.
= A master may decline to tell the whole story of another master, even though they may know each other to be both enlightened and "doing good work." Such departures from "the truth" may rightfully offend those who believe that only the Truth should pass the master's lips, yet there may be good reason for it. For one such reason, try this

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