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Positive Partisan Feedback

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer some feedback about my teacher Wolfgang Bernard. After 30+ years of searching, and exposure to many teachings and guru's, I found Wolfgang quite by accident while looking for some information on Stephen Wolinsky. I purchased his book (Wolfgang’s) and while reading it, was struck with a sense of 'truth' contained within his words. After a great deal of e-mails between the two of us, which proved to be quite 'enlightening' I finally journeyed to France and spent some time with him and the group of friends that he has been working with for 10 years.

In person, I found him to be open, direct, quite humorous and possessed of a 'knowing' that permeated everything we did or talked about. It is quite obvious that Wolfgang lives what he teaches and that his words come from the direct experience of 'That'. Although there is nothing 'traditionally spiritual' about Wolfgang and his teaching, contained within his words and insights is everything non-dual or Advaitic. Even though most everything was conducted in French, with the help of my translator, I was able to come quickly to an understanding that has changed my life.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work closely with Wolfgang and a first hand opportunity to observe how he works and interacts with others (not just myself). While most teachers of any sort continuously teach the same thing over and over, Wolfgang's answers and directions are specifically directed to the individual student. I have noticed time and again that even with what appears to be similar or identical circumstances between students, the direction or answer given is quite different - while eventually leading to the same outcome. As with any good teacher, it is not the theory or substance that matters as much as the way that it is communicated, taught and understood. Wolfgang has this ability to cut through the ego/identity, moving away from it and towards an ultimate understanding.

When I was with him and his group of friends in France, I was surprised to meet a few people who have "reached the end" and are actually living liberation (although no one is keeping score and it is a subject that is almost never discussed). Wolfgang is also not interested in becoming well-known or having a large amount of followers. He 'screens' those people that want to work with him and accepts only those that he feels have the talent to 'come to the end of their evolution.' From the feedback I received from people who have followed his teaching, and from my own experience I can say that his teachings and his ability to communicate and more importantly point the student towards the understanding and away from mis-understanding are more than excellent. Once you're accepted, there is no space to escape from your final bankrupt unless you quit.

He has developed a way of uncovering the Original Belief of identity. This Original Belief is at the core of all other beliefs and which creates and sustains the identity of personality while continuing to enforce the illusion of a separate self. Successfully uncovering and experiencing this Original Belief can reveal one's Essential Value, their /raison d'être/.

His teaching is no New Age formula for happiness but an existential awakening to ‘what is’, to the potentiality of living liberation ‘here and now.’

Wolfgang is definitely not a newbie although [listed] by Sarlo as such, he lives liberation since 1992, after following teachers like Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Gurdjieff groups for many years. On his website you can find examples of e-mail dialogues, interviews, and further clarifications of his teaching.

Ron Pelton

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