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aka Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, Dada Bhagwan


Two years ago I went ot London to find out weather Dadashri 48 minutes ceremony was true or not. There i met his present sucessor of Dadashri: a hindu woman called Niruma.I didn´t believe anything before hand nor I had a bit of devotion at all. I attended the satsangs with questions and answers as usual in all hindu spiritual gatherings ,and I was then told to attend the ceremony ,they call the Gnan Vidhi. In this ceremony, Niruma is supposed to give you a taste of realization of the self to all present in the hall. I waited until sunday, though i was not very happy with the satsangs as I dindn´t understand a word (all in guyarati) of it. On sunday we were told to repeat the sentences in gurayati she told us to repeat (during one hour)

Nothing happened in that very moment. I went to the hotel a bit dissapointed and I started to pack my luggage to get back to Spain. Suddenly. I swear to you, my whole conciousness changed completly and I experienced a joy coming from within the heart that I have never felt before , nor in other paths and masters with many "buddhas" in your guru rating.I was completly schocked as I realized the separation between the Self and the non-self very clear and not intelectually as in most paths.   it was working within me even, not believing in the teachings or in the master....¡  I have been scientifically searching for this experience for 23 years now and I can tell you that there´s nothing like it. Sure, the looking is not so nice as in others paths with many followers , nice music , flowers, beautiful books and a famous master with a big tour around Usa and Europe. But it works, it really works.And even more incredible: The experience of the Self continous with you the following day, the following week , the following month and so on. I thought when looking at Dadashri guru rating with Only half Bhudda that you should know this. [Since upgraded to 1 1/2]

If by having nice looking , with nice media, nice music, nice spiritual atmosphere, and many nice followers you give them those "bhuddas" in your rating ,then you are all right, but if you are really looking for the Self , quick, simple and clear and not losing yourself in the nice looking aspects, then you should indeed give a try to this method.All they say is true ¡ . No matter how unbelieveable it may look , is true ¡ This is an impartial testimonial for those many seekers who are searching not only for true nice theories but who want that they work for them inmmediatly¡

– Juan GC, Spain

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