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I am in senior management of the top oil industry of the world. My company had offered D 3.5 billion dollars for his technology spread over 7 years. Actually it was my fault, I told the company owners about it and took them indirectly to see it because I was amazed when I saw it. Naturally it is attractive for oil major. D started laughing when I introduced these people as my friends he said do you think I am baby boy. Igor my baby boy kid I know who they are but I will let them see the demonstration!

When the owners of my company offer D 3.5 billion, D politely refused telling it is not for sale. He will pass it on to appropriate people and to the world once he makes sure nobody will misuse it or it can't be misused. 

A guy who can earn 3.5 billion in one go in 7 years and come into worlds billionaire list if he wants to ! What kind of MLM or spiritual business would be attractive to him? 

He is different. He is avataar not the movie lol. He is unique it is not possible to understand the greatness of this being without meeting him.

This was 5 years ago. I am russian forgive for my english if it is bad I am already 43 and can't improve it any further.


[Sarlo: And from a forwarded email, re the proposed "spiritual city," (some of this is also on Devang's new site)] 

Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang Dattani ji is building a spiritual city spread over beautiful natural 26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km/42 sq.mi) in Europe spanning in 3 neighboring countries. Although the Spiritual city will be as big as San Francisco in terms of area, the permanent population of this unique wonder is fixed at 108008 only. Residence in this technological and natural marvel is by invitation only and is not for sale. Visitors/tourists of any kind will not be allowed and visits, if any will be strictly by invitation only.


Guys it is real city in best location :-)

Absoloutely new technology 

Climate +5 to +25 all around the year, stable heaven

Flura fauna :vivid

Open area : 80%

No petroleum products. No pollution. No health hazards

Besides the residents who will be chosen by invitation only there will be 53008 scholars and students who will further and inherit the great .......

Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang Dattani ji is scientific and spiritual genius far greater than anybody ever recognized as god or born. He had developed a technology which runs all automobiles including planes and has power greater than nuclear plant. He has refused to give or sell this to anybody or any government as they can misuse it. The key to it remains with him only. Let scientists and people die of jealousy or say bad words. He will not share it with anybody. Let them call anything. Scientists and others are impotent. This will be used in new city which will result in everything right from great cars to houses to planes being powered with only this. It will also build an invisible wall around the city, the energy field (no science fiction it is reality). I have just seen this wonder

I couldn't wait to tell all of you. It is just simply superb. The answer world is seeking is already there. Let stupids think and waste time. wow! Amazing can you imagine zero pollution. Prisitne air and yet it will be better than any city in the world... but it is only for few... I wish I would be invited to be resident there . I measured all pollution levels from this technology myself just to be sure. Great zero pollution. zero radiation. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no emissions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have just come back from the site of spiritual city. It is simply out of world. Heaven. Waterfalls, lakes, tall trees, beautiful mountains oh oh oh it is real heaven. If there is heaven it is this it is this it is this.

~~ anon

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