I get letters. 

Something to say? Drop me a line at
my name at telus dot net*. Something intelligent to say? Even better. 
*= here i adopt the practice of not spelling out my full email address, to reduce the amount of spam i get from bots that scan web pages for addresses. Please manually change the address with a "sarlo" for "my_name_," an @ for the "_ at_" and a . for "_dot_." And please put something relevant in the subject line, other than "Hi," so i don't just delete it unread as spam.

And more on spam: My ISP may reject legitimate communications as spam. AOL for instance rejects mine. If this happens to you, try sending to my alternate address,
sarlo9 at yahoo.com. But try telus first, i don't check yahoo often.

However and also . . .
Please note that recent changes in life circumstances have made it more difficult for me to reply to and deal with your important communication promptly. Please be patient.

I am open for suggestions on new people to list/rate, rating changes (up or down) and feedback about the site in general. I will even post certain kinds of feedback. Your criticisms of the site may show up either at Bricks1, which has more general criticisms, or Bricks2, which has more pointed criticisms. Systemic suggestions, if original, will be posted at Sugg. Your name will not be used unless you agree. Before you fire off your criticisms, please consider Disclaimer.

Regarding specific guru figures, complaints about your guru's low rating or bÍte-noire's high rating will be heard and sometimes even acted upon but not posted, except that:
1. Well-presented, experience-based, non-libelous descriptions of the negative aspects of life in X's lane will sometimes be posted. This site is not an anti-cult site, and such "sharing" of negative information will be at the discretion of the site owner, and . . . 
2. Sincere and articulate expressions of the worthiness of your under-rated or misrepresented guru may sometimes be posted if you would like, and linked to from that guru's entry in the event of an unresolveable difference of opinion. So far, partisan appreciations varying from my limited assessments have been posted for:

And wisdom and insight about the Quest, the Path, or any other aspect of the master-disciple relationship are always appreciated and may also get posted.

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