More on Kenneth Grant,
feedback from a close student,
propos of
his listing in the Crowley successors' page

I was a long-time student of Kenneth Grant, and a member of the Typhonian O.T.O. from 1973 - 2000, when I received the XIth Degree and began to work on my own. Prior to that, I held the position of Xth Degree Administrative Head of the Order in America (in the latter half of the 1990's), after which I passed that Office over to Michael Staley. The name-change to Ordo Typhonis was designated by Kenneth Grant.

I would suggest a second look at your remarks on Mr. Grant and Mr. Staley. The Typhonian Trilogies brought about a resurgence of interest not only in studying the 93 Current, but in studying it experimentally, which I think is important. "Ordo Typhonis" is certainly not a "small or nonexistent group," and Mr. Staley is a trustworthy Order Head, especially to those Students attracted to the Cha'an and
Advaita-Vedanta approach. He surely requires genuine occult work from members. Consider also that Mr. Staley, like Mr. Grant, requires no Admission fees, Initiation fees, or dues.

I should like to add a negative rating for Linda Falorio ( After knowing her since 1974 and working with her when I was in charge of Kenneth Grant's Nightside Tarot project (which she abandoned to do her own Shadow Tarot), I find her to be self-aggrandizing. In an interview she claims to have been called "a true Priestess of Typhon" while she repeatedly told me "We are NOT Typhonians!". She has not done much genuine occult work, And certainly sipping cognac in the den of a polite British occultist does not mean one has crossed the Abyss. To take a partial quote from Liber AL vel Legis, she tries to "strike hard & low" but only fights like an alley-cat.

Thank you for your consideration of these additions and feel free to reply to [redacted].


~ Jeffrey Evans

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