More on Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri,
aka Robindranath Bhattacharya, Brahmachari Robinarayan
(Positive feedback as opposed to that found on the complaints page)

I was surprised to see all the stuff about P. Hariharananda Giri.  I'll tell my part, so you have another perspective:
H. came to my town in the 80s and I can't even remember how I heard about his program.  Several dozen people came to hear him lecture, and at the end we were invited to greet him for a second at the front.  He looked at me and immediately said "how can the pot boil when the pot is so far away?", and went on to say that the mantras I was practicing were indeed good, but I had zero guidance from any master (all true, and I said nothing, but stood there shell shocked -- I had never met the master, but only some teachers of his who initiated). 
Because of a large wave of positive energy I felt from H., I went to be initiated by him.  He taught me some yoga asanas, then tapped his hand over each chakra in my back, then put his hand on my head for a bit.  He then instructed me how to practice the Kriya Yoga meditation, and told me to come back to some follow-up meetings.  All in all it was a very powerful encounter, filled with, in my opinion, Grace of God.
I went to a group practice of what I'd been doing for some years the following evening, and when I was sitting for my regular meditation (not Kriya meditation), I had the most astounding experience I'd ever had while meditating:  In my forehead, I saw a great light, and in that light sat my teacher's guru.  He was just sitting, peacefully, and made me "know" somehow, that he was my true Guru.  That's it.  Then the image faded.  I never before had seen anything in my third eye.  I realized that H. had awakened something in me.
I met Hariharananda Giri several times privately or with one other friend.  On these occasions, he spoke of various things, but each time, he recalled with tears in his eyes, his Guru, Sri Yukteshwara.  He told a story of how he went with a basket of fruit to meet S. Y. and how he was welcomed as a son, and how he was surprised, and felt so much love for S.Y.  He told how he met him a few times this way.  He never said he lived with him.  He told me he was his first Guru, and then Yogananda became his Guru when S.Y. died.  He spoke of Yogananda with the same love and tears in his eyes, but with no detail of his meetings with him.  I never sensed anything in him that critized or disliked Yogananda.  He did, however, say that SRF had changed the Kriya Yoga teaching, and that it was less effective now because of that.  He did not say Yogananda ordered this, but seemed to imply that it happened after his passing. 
I have not seen him since a large gathering in 1999 when we were only allowed to greet him for a second to get blessings.  I always felt he was a very nice man trying to help people.  I didn't like that he charged money for initiation, but I suppose everyone has to eat. 
So that's my side of it, however little.  Again, I was surprised at all the political stuff that went on and goes on around him.  I never detected a hint of it on the occasions when I met him, and they were not 5 minute meetings, but rather an hour or even two hours of sitting, sometimes talking.  He invited me to be his cook and travel with him.  I declined.


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