More on Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj 

I have accepted Jagaduru Sri Kriplau Maharaj as my Guru. I was the kind of guy who never believed in the existence of the almighty and had always blamed on Swamys for instilling useless and detrimental thoughts about godly activities to society. I had never been temples and did not do any kind of worships. 

One day, I happen to see Sri Kripalu Maharaj's speech on TV and I watchedthat for 10-15 mins; and I started to realize that what I was thinking and doing was not all that correct. I began to watch his telecasts daily and eventually all the misconceptions that I had were totally killed. Today, I have attained a state where I know that I am associated with the right Guru and have strong belief that he shall take care of the rest. I also need to admit here that I may not be a virtuous follower and still have major portion of me in the 'Mayic' pleasures. Anyways, the journey has begun and it is up to my almighty to bestow his kindness on me. 

I strongly believe that Sri Maharaji is an avatar of lord Sri Krishn and consider ourselves fortunate for having him with us. I am sure; people who have seen and listened to him will have the same feeling towards him. 

Jai Sree Radhe, Jai Sree Krishn

~ RJ

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