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Dear Friends...

I wanted to give you a little 'feedback' in regards to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

I've been practicing the Maharishi's techniques since 1971 and have derived enumerable benefits from them.

What I like the most about the Maharishi is that he's been a kind of perfect Guru... for me!....

Part of the Maharishi's mission has been to bring pure Vedic knowledge to the whole world.  And I've even heard him say in response to a journalist's question:

"What about your followers?"

And Maharishi said:..."I don't have followers, everyone follows their own evolution.  I'm here to create Maharishis!"

I think back on that now after 30 years and I can say in all honesty that the Maharishi's ancient and revised Vedic technologies for this modern age really work.

Maharishi, however, is a wonderful Guru for this vast, confusing world. Everyone can use the technologies or techniques without following really anything.

And still, we can find ourselves in the Goal... Because, consciousness unfoldment can be taught and understood as a true science which doesn't take any real belief or faith.

Only regular practice.

Thanks, Sarlo!

~Mark Kincaid~


With all respect to your ratings, the only Guru who has actually PROVED what he is saying is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. There are over 200 peer-reviewed published scientific papers, showing the positive benefits of TM, in scientific journals around the world.

The US government's NIH has given over 8 million dollars to Maharishi University to further study Maharishi's TM, because previous research was so strong. Maharishi University is now collaborating with the University of Iowa and other Universities on research on TM.

TM has been introduced to public schools in the US with great success, and 5 or 6, non-meditating Judges in Missouri sentence offenders to learn TM, because of its peace and intelligence creating effects. In India, Maharishi has revived the whole Vedic tradition, and is highly respected there. More than 100,000 school students practice TM and Maharishi's Vedic Science, in state approved Maharishi schools in India. Maharishi is now amassing in India, over 10,000 Vedic experts in these techniques, to PERMANENTLY generate peace and enlightenment of the WHOLE world...not just individuals.

The only Guru who has actually proved what he is saying is Maharishi mahesh Yogi. The others may be good, but they are unproven, and add up to simply here-say and religious faith...not practically proven.

~Tom Barlow~

To my:
I'll add your letter to the positive feedback page for Maharishi if you want [here, DUH]. You might also be interested in an editorial questioning the value and uniqueness of his teachings at [link].

He continued:

Thanks Sarlo:

And thanks for the editorial link.

Unfortunately in our society the only way to refute 200 scientific studies (on Maharishi's TM), published in peer-reviewed respected scientific journals worldwide, is to produce about the same amount of studies of the same peer-review standard, that say the opposite. Otherwise it is just personal bias and here-say. This body of opposing evidence does not exist. In fact there are almost none.

200 peer-reviewed published studies is considered very significant in the scientific world, and this is how we agree on things in our modern society.

Thats why several judges are recommending it for criminals in Missouri, many, many doctors recommend TM, one of the top Russian neuroscientists is fully supportive, impressed, and fascinated by the EEG (brainwave pattern) of TM meditators, and the scientists at the US governments' NIH have looked at the published studies and deemed them very strong, and worthy of research grant money.

Of course there are always personal opinions and naysayers, but without a couple of hundred studies to support such views, thay have no foundation.

Thats the way our society is set up to work.

Thanks again.

You can put this in your letters page too if you like?


I’m really enjoying your Guru Ratings. What a cool website! 

I know you welcome feedback from people who visit your site so I thought I’d mention that I notice that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi only has a rating of one bud, which I understand means “suspect.” 

I used to think that way about him when I mainly knew him through mainstream media coverage, but after looking more deeply into what he teaches and learning to practice his transcendental meditation technique, I found out that he’s actually a very learned yogi and that he’s done many admirable things. 

He’s been very influencial in making meditation a more accepted part of western society and is a pioneer in using scientific research to document the benefits of meditation. 

He’s been working closely with many of India’s best pandits, vaidyas, jyotishis, and other vedic scholars to revitalize many branches of vedic knowledge that have become unclear or fallen into disuse over the centuries, specifically: 
Ayurveda (the vedic science of gaining and maintaining good health) 
Yagya (vedic performances to gain more support of nature) 
Jyotish (science of predicting the future) 
Gandharva (vedic music and sound) 
Sthapatyaveda (the science of constructing buildings that provide the best influence on the people who live or work inside of them) 

He's organized large groups of meditators to create an influence of peace and harmony by practicing an advanced meditation technique together. In many instances, these “coherence creating groups” have been documented to reduce violence and killing in areas of the world where there has been war and strife. He’s been actively proposing the use of this ancient technology of creating peace to government leaders around the world. 

I know that money is one of your "red flags" and his organization has raised what could seem like a large amount of money, but Maharishi himself owns nothing except the clothes he wears and lives very simply, essentially in one room. The money is all used for spreading helpful knowledge around the world, which is a very positive thing. 

Another thing that impresses me about Maharishi is that he’s very modest. He rarely speaks about himself and doesn’t encourage displays of devotion to him. He wants the attention to be on the knowledge instead of on himself. 

I'd definitely recommend a ratings boost. 
Keep up the good work. 
All the best, 

~Charlie ~

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