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Hello Sarlo,

Swamigal is a disciple of Aruna Giri Ishwar who in turn is a disciple of Ramana Maharashi who got 3 buds rating in your analysis.

Humans either Man or Woman can raise to the level of God/Heavenly-Force by meditation and they are called as Guru.

But when God/Heavenly-Force comes down to earth they are called HOLY-AVATHARS, few such examples are Shiva, Krishna, PRAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA SWAMIGAL

There can be no much scientific proof to the miracles done by Gurus. Each and every Guru does have powers to do Miracles, but the power that an HOLY-AVATHAR brings with them will be tremendous. One such identity that our Swamigal show to this world is HEALING, where till date he has given BLESSING/PERMISSION to 6000(approx) people around the world to HEAL patients. There are cases where even cancer got cured just by a touch. I dont know where you are from but you can get a Healer near you. For details call 91-080-27303401, 91-080-27303402. Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space so even DISTANCE HEALING is possible and this HEALing is FREE OF COST

~ Mani

[Sarlo: Mani subsequently visited the Anti material and sent in the following detailed refutations:]

I have gone thorough the negative opinions at Guruphiliac, link ("Anti"). I have analysed the contents there in two prescpectives. One is from personal expereiences/knowledge and second one is from the angle of common sense.

Personal experiences: I have expereienced personally and seen the miracles that Pramahamsa Nithyananda Swamigal has done. To explain all of them is too big for this session. But one such miracle that he continous to do is Healing where almost you can find a Healer in each and every part of the world. Number of Healers continue to grow big with time. And healing is completely at free of cost.

From the Angle of common sense: The negative opinions there does not say that Swamigal is not a real guru. What it says can be summarized as follows...

a) Swamigal asks to stop doubtting him or his Movement: I have never heard him saying that you shouldn't doubt him or his movement. Instead he himself says that I doubt everything and experiment things in order to belive it. Sample is see the video in youtube "1st Samadhi Experience of Nithyananda" where he talks about cutting his own thigh. I really feel pity for the blog poster Mr. Jody Radzik for missing a good guru. Actually Jody Radzik misunderstood the concept of "Vidharkam, Kudharkam". Swamigal often says for the cosmic energy to flow inside us, to see the miracles of cosmic energy, or for to be successful in the path of enlightenment we should be in the state of Vidharkam (beliving , atleast not doubting , i.e. atleast be empty). For example Swamigal says Apple looks beautiful, sweet in taste, good for health. Just by hearing it a person who is new to apple may not understand/belive it. So first doubt it, then to clear your doubts read many articles, consult many doctors then at some point you will come to a conclusion about apple. Now you have decided that apple is good for you. And now you are starting to eat it. Just stop!! when eating, be clear that apple is good, never go back to your old state of mind and start doubting apple again, because research also says take your food with complete peace of mind, taste it to the fullest so as to get the whole benefit out of it. This what Swamigal says first doubt it, then test it, then out of some reason you will understand GOD CANNOT BE ANALYSED, REASONED OR FORMULATED but can be subtly sensed by us under some circumstances like expereincing some miracles that are not with in the ambit of Science. You may ask does miracles are the standarads to sense god. For this I ask you another question? Your parents love you unconditionally. You belive this. But in their last will they write some 50% of their properties to some body else and only 50% to you, Now what you will think? you start doubting their love for you. Now I ask you, Does unconditinal love can be equated with money? No certainly not but unfortunately that is the scale of measure. Like this for me too there are many grumblings against god. But unfortunately for all those questions I dont have answers with me, instead I have to belive what intelligent people like Swamigal or Buddha or Jesus or Vethathiri Maharisi or Maharisi Mahesh yogi or Jagi Vasudev or J Krishnamurthi or Ramalinga Vallalar or Ravi Shankar Guruji or Osho or many others have said. I cant keep questioning or doubting forever, the way to go forward is put your questions or doubts in a cold storage (note here I am not asking to put it in a dust bin) and start progressing and at appropriate time bring those doubts and questions to life. Also I have two other grumblings against those who always belive in science and take pride in sixth sense, ONE is aren't they ashamed of many assumptions that are part of Physics? aren't they ashamed of many laws and rules (like thumb rule in electricity) in physics and engineering? Second haven't you realize that Brain via which we get sixth sense is itself made of matters that belongs to this cosmos. The research that we do is over the matter that belongs to this cosmos

b) Swamigal doesnt allow ashramites to sleep: Not only his ashramites, even new goers who are going to learn meditation classes (NSP) from him. New entrants can directly enroll themselves for this NSP class and in that 4 days class one-night people should stay awakened for the whole night and do a meditation. Swamigal says it is from dakrness or emptiness the whole cosmos got created and therefore to get energy stay awakened, i.e. not to sleep. Its just a little tricky topic, please understand. In the Jeevan Mukhti book Swamigal says when one feels that it is no longer possible for a person to carry on the routine work of the day he fells asleep and when it is no longer possible for a person to use his body for day to day activities he leaves the body(death). Despite this if Swamy asks his ashramites and new goers to win sleep means there should be a meaning in it. Fortunately I had one experience so that I can comment on it. Approximately six months ago I was about to go out for a work but I was sick at that time and I worked for the whole day and I could not go out as planned, so I laid on the bed to take some rest. Suddenly what happenend is an energy different from that of what blog poster Mr. Jody radzik experienced when Swamy touched his forehead (Note: I too had this energy expereince) passed into my body especially my head, stomatch and chest parts for 3 to 4 seconds. To my surprise I felt a freshness what I use to feel after a sleep of 8 hours. This energy penetration happened twice consecutively. But that freshness did not last long, what I feel is if that energy penetration could happen for hours together imagine the freshness!!!! Probably those who are working too much in the ashram may be blessed with this energy or they are being trained to master that energy. But all these are my guess. And regarding the blog posters another comment that Swamy makes ashramites work, work, work to the point of physical and mental exhaustion means Swamy makes to work to the point of mindless state, remember the path of enlightenment speaks about mindless state. Swamy in NSP class says about those who do this meditation truly by being awakened for the one whole night will feel freshness for the whole day.

c) He only believes in propagating his name, and acquiring money - not true religion:
First if he set asides the religion and talks only about mind, meditation and yoga he can make more money than what he makes using the religion as more people of different beliefs can be targetted.

d) Religion is only a front just for outward appearance. He actually disrepects Gods in private sessions saying bad derogatory comments about them: I dont have any idea about this, first I need to know what is the actual derogatory comments as user has not posted it, secondly I need to establish its genuiness and thridly I need to take it up with Swami's close disciple for clarification.

e) I've seen him belittle and berate his ashramites shamelessly - it is emotional torture and humiliation. He claims it is "for their own good" to help them "lose their ego": For this comment I feel Swamigal can be more affectionate but still I belive in Swamigal and I belive he do things for a purpose. Dear friends I would like to tell you about another story I heard about Sri Ravi Shankar guruji of Art of Living makes his disciples to go and beg in the public so as to lose their ego.

f) He is a very sick, sick man who is egotistical, interested in fame and fortune: Regarding this comment on ego I feel we should leave enough space for their personal prefrences unless and until it hurts others. What it is if one has lot and long hair? what it is if one is dark skinned? what it is if one prefers coffe? what it is if one is too attached with his language? Ultimately we should reliaze that they are in the form of human body at the end, they will have certainly all senses what we have, let them enjoy certain things what they want :)

And for comments regarding fame and fortune, just now starts the music for the blog poster, let us use our common sense If a person interested in fame and fortune means he should do programmes for public. First of all Swamigal does programme for only a closed group or a privately chosen group of people, If I am right Swamy has done too little public fuctions. During a question whether you will come to politics? Swamy says only politician should come to sprituality and not the other way. A person interested in fame and fortune should not hesitate to come in public and start politics. Also a person interested in fame and fortune should actually enjoy them. I ASK THE BLOG POSTER WHAT IS THE ENJOYMENT THAT SWAMY HAS? If any let him share with others. According to me In addition to routine boring meditation classes what Swamy lost is the privacy.

See just with our common sense we can understand any common human being does require money so as lead a rich life like taking food at five star hotels, passing time at resorts or hilstations etc. Wearing clothes that are so costly and modern, To pass time without putting self into hardwork etc. etc. In all these above listing if you comapare with swamy, Swamigal is leading a very boring life. He leads a life that is so simple though he uses cars he needs it to travel, His travel schedules are there for public display in his website. Is travelling not a big boring and tiring one. Together with meeting 1000s of people touching thier forehead, saying the same thing again and again , hugging people irespective of people with leporsy, with bad mouth odour and other diseases including communicable one. He keeps busy schedule, no time pass, no rest, simple towel as his dress.

See one needs full confidence in him to meet people with communicable diseases especially where the victim himself doesn't know about it. Recently in the NSP Swamigal spoke about Swine-Flu. So he is aware of it.

And also in this modern internet age one cannot keep deceiving (if so) for long and that to thousands or lakhs of people, eg. the Kalpataru Darshan where wishes are given life by Swamigal. Immediately as how Mr. Jody Radzik has taken the media route to publish his version of views. eg. One can easily take the internet route if his wish is not turned into reality in kalpataru. For eg. take my case I had chronic IBS for more than 8.5 years, took many types of medicine like allopathy, homeopathy, auyrvedha etc. But only after coming to swamy there are positive changes. Though fully not away from IBS but Iam realizing the progress, now its visible to me as how my own thougts affects me and my own thoughts were the reasons for my sufferings. So now I can either take the internet route to bring down the Swamigal since in one touch my probelms are not over like a magic. Or be patient and learn from him and other great saints what's so important tasks of human birth.

Just as how we use google to data-mine the internet infos, just do use your common sense to judge swamigal. There are few not-so-desirable things about swamigal but it doesnt means he is wrong as a whole, just take from him what you want, If you are not ok in his ashram just be outside of it and get from him what you want. To be with swamigal in few days class itself (eg. BSP + healer session) is a very tiring one. Therefore it is not that easy to be with swamy in his ashram, I have heard once that swamy himself has accepted this.

For the complaints such as he teaches what others have already taught to the world (eg. Osho's dynamic meditation is Dhukha-harna here in swamys meditation class). Again use common sense "If what is to be taught is already taught then a genuine person could be a genuine person one and only if he taughts the same thing again", to make himself unique if one taughts some crapp useless things whats the use. Swamigal himself have said in the NSP what I am teaching here is what I learned from other gurus, he even quoted about J.K. Murthy. Iam thanking all of them. Similarly you thank all the gurus you have met. Isn't he is simple in his approach. And what Swamigal says is each enlightened master will have one identity for them, like light body of Ramalinga Swamigal and now Siva Baba (I dont know much about him), the almost flying meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. etc. etc. If you want Swamigal to teach some unique things find it out what is unique about him.

Actually we should be compassionate to people like him whose life is dedicated for the upliftment of people entrapped in unknown , undetecteable problems. Dedicated for people so as to give clarity in their thought s and the way they have conduct life . Dedicated for people who are in sufferings. Imagine one such life its too terrible. Also Imagine if you are in the place of Swamigal do you like that life not for few days are months but for years together.

Really I feel the pain and pity for people who became so close to Swamy and latter departed Swamigal based on these trivial issues. Let them be happy in one way or the other.

Thank You,

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