A Testimonial on Behalf of Swami Paramanand

I've been observing Swami Paramanand for the past 4 years and have been very impressed with this Guru. I have 'hands on' served at many of his service projects throughout Northern India and can attest for the sincerity of this teacher.

He has over 35 ashrams in central and northern India as well as hundreds of social projects helping to reduce the burdens of hundreds of thousands of people.

I've watched his lifestyle of incredible simplicity and witnesses him passing on all funding directly into social projects. All who are working with him are devotees. Over 50 doctors give their time to his 9 hospitals & numerous teachers at his 13 schools. He’s the Guru of thousands of saints, many of whom are now serving in various roles of his non-profit organization, Akhand Paramdham.

He doesn't promote or advertise himself like many of the ‘holy' teachers. I find that refreshing but at the same time it can be a challenge to get info about him.

He also does not charge for his teachings, which is a graceful mode of operandi.

He is indeed an astonishing magical being. Although he is not into performing magic tricks, I have witnessed his effective powers on numerous instances when the need called for it.

Anyway, just wanted to give kudos for this remarkable teacher.

I've met many so called 'enlightened masters' throughout the world but this is the first one I can attest to without a doubt.

His teachings (Shankachara lineage) are profoundly effective & he unveils seemingly esoteric knowledge with a most simplistic flair. I have been lifted into high states of awareness simply by watching the movement of his hands. On a personal level he has been instrumental in awakening the Goddess within me.

With so many quacks out there it is a relief to find an effective true spiritual teacher that also serves his life as a karma yogi.

I feel like a jaguar on the scent of the divine!

Aum Shantih,
Valerie Naiman, USA

"To realize that you are truly One with all will take some doing and undoing."

~ Swami Paramanand

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