The Vertical Pronoun

It's really awful what English does to us with this capitalized first person singular pronoun. Now why can't it be lower-case like the other pronouns? This would help to de-emphasize the ego as the centre of the universe. Not that other languages are any better. While they may not elevate their "I"s, they do strange things with their "you"s. Take German. "Sie," when not capitalized, is either "she" or "they." When capitalized it is a polite, deferential (sucky?) "you." And all the Latin-based languages have different singular and plural forms for "you," complicated by using of the plural as a formal politeness. They all elevate the second person to exaggerated importance. While the English practice may be more existentially honest and individualistic, why overrate any of them?

That's why i use the lower case when i write "i." It is sort of a quixotic gesture, as it will not change anything, but it's My gesture. How's that?

My partner says my use of the lower-case "i" really stands out because it is so unusual, and therefore draws attention to myself and buttresses the ego and of course she's right, but....

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