Know what i mean?

Osho says that the trouble with intelligence is that you need to be intelligent to know how to use it. We think we can measure it in so-called IQ tests, which have been culture-neutralized as much as possible, but they remain tests of motivation to do well on the tests. If this sounds circular and self-referent, such is the nature of our thinking on intelligence.

Let's grant that the kind of intelligence IQ tests purport to measure has practical and other values. And there is a degree of correlation between this and other kinds of intelligence. But what degree, and what value to give those other kinds? Rather than bore you with an answer...

I'll just play with an suggestive example and see where it leads. I often see kids of a certain ethnic group practicing basketball. There is a play aspect, but it's also drill, future-improvement-training-competitive ambition. All kids this age manifest some kind of ambition, but this group really goes for it. They also do consistently well on IQ tests, and are highly competitive and determined in business. My feeling is that ambition is a fairly large component of high IQ scores. And a large chunk of that ambition is instilled, not innate; these kids are being driven by their parents to...

Whatever. This kind of intelligence, in my 'umble, is too closely allied with ambition to be swallowed whole. Let's celebrate other kinds of intelligence. These include the intelligence of creativity, questioning authority, questioning our own conditioning, emotional intelligence, and so on. The beauty of these kinds of intelligence is that they empower us as individuals but don't blind us to the tricks of ego-identification, or at least not as much. We are better placed to enjoy the benefits of the highest form of intelligence, that of non-identification.

Well, la-di-da.