enlightenment among us

by Sw Shanti Kristian

In the Sept/Oct '98 issue of Viha Connection, there was an article by Sw Shanti Kristian of Sweden in which he encouraged Osho's enlightened disciples to come forward so that we can acknowledge and recognize the awakened ones from our own tradition. As well, he encouraged the Commune in Pune to support them, although they cannot of course appear to favour any one over another. As editors of Osho Pulse we were touched and impressed by his article, although we do not know him personally. We feel it adds an important dimension to the discussion of keeping Osho 24-karat gold.

An excerpt of that article is reproduced here with the kind permission of the publisher:

After a Master the caliber of Osho, it is naturally a bit difficult for most enlightened sannyasins to stand up and show themselves. Compared to Osho, most of them will look a bit pale and ordinary, as Osho Himself has said. But still, if the awakened among us go on hiding, it will be written in the books of history that, in spite of Osho's tremendous work, very few of His disciples were known to be enlightened. To me, this means that His message will not be developed and spread around the world as fast as Osho had hoped it would. So really, Viha Connection could do a very essential work by encouraging those who have reached to step forward and show themselves.

Another side to this question involves the needs of sincere seekers. A situation where false awakened ones show up and real ones hide is hardly beneficial for seekers. In light of this understanding, enlightened sannyasins should be welcomed, since they will inevitably counteract the false ones, who
“commit the greatest crime possible” toward the seekers.

A third side to the question is the difficulty an Osho sannyasin would have being with a Master from another tradition. Osho has cleaned spirituality of a vast amount of traditional ideas. All the other Masters I know still carry more or less of this old garbage. An enlightened Osho sannyasin is one who really got Osho's message. He or she will probably not succumb to outdated and irrelevant ideas.

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