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Ask Who Creates Separation into TwoAdvaita 
Methods and Devices to Slow the Pendulum of DualityMiddle Path 
Surrender is only of the EgoDevotion 
Round and round and round we goFringe

All Ratings
Zap your mind, leave the past behindZen 
Nothing ever happens -- What is just isBuddhists 
The One-of-a-kind's -- Not that the others aren'tMisc 
Disappearing into the voidNondualists

A Cross between East and WestQuasi-Christian 
Learning to unlearnLiterature
Beam Here NowChannels/New Age

Making a cosmos of the chaosGnostic/Science
Emanations, Tulkus and BodhisattvasTibetan 
La Illaha Il AllahSufis
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai RamIndian 
Stretching the body, stretching the soulYoga
Gone, gone, totally gonePerennials

The Heartbeat of the UniverseEarth Medicine

U Unprocessed,  unresearched, uncategorized *

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* Disappeared  is a listing of those whose sites can no longer be found.

* Articles include many writings, mostly by others, grouped into five main topic-areas: Master-Disciple Relationship, More on Particular Gurus, The Path in General, SGRS-Related, and Humour. In particular among the SGRS-related articles are: More on the four categories of rated masters, More on ratings criteria and More on the significance of the ratings. Basic info on these ideas can be found on the Home page. As well, there are two pages for criticisms, general and pointed, and Suggestions.

* Other Links is a more generalized approach to links to help you find what you're looking for. The links, to other spiritually-themed sites, are organized into categories: General Lists, Magazines, Advaita, Buddhist, Christian, Other Mainstream, Women, Sufis, Sant Mat/Radhasoami, Yoga, Tantra, Tao, New Age, Indian Saints, Native, Cultbusters, Academic, Books, Personal, and Miscellaneous. Also included is a discussion of Webrings and Email lists.

* Archives is a list of who among my listees has contributed to or been discussed in the Guru Ratings Forum, hosted by Yahoo!

* Reports is an expandable series of, well, reports, on satsangs attended by non-affiliated contributors.

* Tales is an expandable series of, well, tales, of more intimate encounters by non-affiliated contributors.

* Awakenings is, duh, an expandable series of accounts of the masters' "enlightenment events," usually in first person.

* Unprocessed is a new sort-of category of unexamined suggested listings, just links + a few keywords.


Listings in each category page are done alphabetically but not necessarily by the last name. This could arise for many reasons, the most obvious being that the last name is a title, eg Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, listed under N, or many teachers preferring to be known by their first name, or cultural / linguistic conventions in their country of origin leaning towards first or middle name, eg some Spanish countries. Many possibilities, often an uneducated guess.

Happy searching!