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elax the whole body and just concentrate on the middle of your chest, just in the middle, where the rib bones and the stomach start. With closed eyes, imagine that a small Buddha statue is there, just an outline of a Buddha statue, mm? You can have a picture of a small Buddha statue so that you can figure it out. Just a two-inch size Buddha statue.

Visualize it as being made of light, and that rays are spreading out from it. Get absorbed in it – and it will work, so you can go into it easily... rays spreading, filling your whole body.

If you can also sit in a Buddha posture that will be very helpful, because that figure and your posture will fit together. The rays are spreading and the whole body becomes full of light. Then the rays start spreading outside the body – just a visualization inside. The rays start touching the roof, the walls, and soon they are going outside the room; they go on spreading and they go on spreading.

Within fifteen minutes let them cover the whole universe as far as you can conceive, and a great peace will arise! Then remain in that state for at least five to ten minutes: the whole universe full of rays and the centre of that is in your innermost heart.

Hold that state for ten minutes, go on contemplating it, go on feeling the rays; go on and on and on. The whole universe is full of those rays. Then start shrinking back, slowly; as slowly as you had gone before, slowly shrink back. Then come back to your inner Buddha – again the two-inch statue full of light.

Then suddenly let it disappear – abruptly; that is the point, the most significant point in the whole process. Abruptly let it disappear and there will be left a negative image. It is just as when you look at a window too long and then you close your eyes and you see the negative image of the window.

The Buddha statue has been there, full of light; suddenly, abruptly, let it disappear. There will be a dark Buddha statue, a negative statue, emptiness.

Osho, from The Zero Experience

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