Swanee River  ==>>>
Stephen Foster

Smoke Gets in your Eyes
Jerome Kern

They asked me how I knew
My true love was true;
I   of course replied,
"Something here inside
Cannot be denied."

They said, "Someday you'll find
All who love are blind.
When your heart's on fire,
You must re-al-ize
Smoke gets in your eyes."
So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed
To think they could doubt my love
Yet today my love has flown away,
I am without my love.
Now laughing friends deride
Tears I cannot hide;
So   I smile and say,
"When a lovely flame dies,
Smoke gets in your eyes."
Smoke gets    in      your    eyes.

Way down upon the Swanee River,
Far, far away
That's where my heart is turning ever
That's where the old folks stay
All up and down the whole creation,
Sadly I roam
Still longing for the old plantation
And for the old folks at home
All the world is sad and dreary everywhere I roam
Oh darkies, how my heart grows weary
Far from the old folks at home

All 'round the little farm I wandered,
When I was young
Then many happy days I squandered,
Many the songs I sung
When I was playing with my brother,
Happy was I
Oh, take me to my kind old mother,
There let me live and die
One little hut among the bushes,
One that I love
Still sadly to my mem'ry rushes,
No matter where I rove
When shall I see the bees a humming,
All 'round the comb
When shall I hear the banjo strumming,
Down by my good old home
  <<==      Swanee River
               Stephen Foster

Over the Rainbow
E.Y. Harburg & Harold Arlen

Somewhere, over the rainbow, 
way up high, 
There's a land that I've heard of 
once in a lullaby. 

Somewhere, over the rainbow, 
skies are blue, 
And the dreams that you dare to 
dream really do come true. 

Someday I wish upon a star and 
wake up where the clouds are far behind me. 
My troubles melt like lemon drops 
Away above the chimney tops, 
That's where you'll find me. 

Somewhere, over the rainbow, 
bluebirds fly, 
Birds fly over the rainbow, 
why then, oh why can't I? 

If happy little bluebirds fly 
beyond the rainbow Why, oh why can't I?