– September Song –
by Maxwell Anderson & Kurt Weill

When he was a young man courtin' the girls,
He played a waiting  game;
If a maid refused him with tossing curls,
He let the old earth take a couple of whirls,
{this line below not sung by Ella}
And he'd ply her with tears  instead of pearls,
For as time went along she came his way,
As time went along, she came.

But it's a long, long time    from May to December,
And the days grow short   when you reach September;
The autumn weather   turns the leaves to flame,
And I haven't got time    for the waiting game.

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few...

And these few precious days    I'll spend with you,
These precious days I'll spend  with  you.

{repeat four lines above}

{Verse 2, not on Ella's recording with Paul Smith:}
When you meet with the young men in the early Spring
They'll count you with wine and with song
They'll woo you with  words  and a clover ring
But if you examine the goods that they bring
They have little to offer but the songs that they sing
And a plentiful  waste of time of day
A plentiful  waste of time

– Cool Water –
by Bob Nolan, 1936
rec by Sons of the Pioneers et al

All day I’ve faced a barren waste 
Without the taste of water, 
Cool water.
Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry 
And souls that cry for water,
Cool, clear water.

Keep a-movin’, Dan,
Don’t you listen to him, Dan,
He’s a devil not a man
And he spreads the burning sand
With water, Cool water.
Dan, can you see that big green tree
Where the water’s running free
And it’s waiting there for me
And you?

The nights are cool and I’m a fool,

Each star’s a pool of water, 
Cool water.

But with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn

And carry on to water,

Cool, clear water.


The shadows sway and seem to say,

“Tonight we pray for water,

Cool water.”

And ‘way up there He’ll hear our prayer

And show us where there’s water,

Cool, clear water.


Dan’s feet are sore, he’s yearning for

Just one thing more than water,

Cool water.

Like me, I guess, he’d like to rest

Where there’s no quest for water,

Cool, clear water.

– Beneath A Phrygian Sky –
Loreena McKennitt, from An Ancient Muse

The moonlight it was dancing
On the waves, out on the sea
The stars of heaven hovered
In a shimmering galaxy
A voice from down the ages
So haunting in its song
These ancient stones will tell us
Our love must make us strong

The breeze it wrapped around me
As I stood there on the shore
And listened to this voice
Like I never heard before
Our battles they may find us
No choice may ours to be
But hold the banner proudly
The truth will set us free

Is it not our place to wonder
As the sky does weep with tears
And all the living creatures
Look on with mortal fear
It is ours to hold the banner
It is ours to hold it long
It is ours to carry forward
Our love must make us strong

And as the warm wind carried
Its song into the night
I closed my eyes and tarried
Until the morning light
As the last star it shimmered
And the new sun's day gave birth
It was in this magic moment
Came this prayer for mother earth

Repeat first verse