Thanks for the Memory
Words & Music by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger
Rec by The Shep Fields Orchestra, Bob Hope vocal, 1937

E7/6   Fdim        A6     F#m
Thanks     for the memory
   A               Edim   E7            Cdim
Of candlelight and wine, castles on the Rhine
     E7           F#m7          Bm7-5          E7
The Parthenon and moments on the Hudson River Line
    D9     Dm6 Cdim  E7
How lovely      it  was!

E7/6   Fdim        A6     F#m
Thanks     for the memory
   A          Edim    E7           Cdim
Of rainy afternoons, swingy Harlem tunes
    E7              F#m7             Bm7-5             E7
And motor trips and burning lips and burning toast and prunes
      E7   D9      A
How lovely    it  was!

A          Amaj7          D9      E7
Many's the time that we feasted
     A         Amaj7         D9      E7
And many's the time that we fasted
     G           Bm7            Am7       D7
Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted
   G        G/F#    E7
We did have fun and no harm done

    E7/6   Fdim          A6     F#m
And thanks      for the memory
    A              Edim    E7            Cdim
Of sunburns at the shore, nights in Singapore
     E7               F#m7            Bm7-5          E7
You might have been a headache but you never were a bore
    D9     Dm6 Cdim  E7
So thank you    so  much.

E7/6   Fdim         A6     F#m
Thanks      for the memory
   A           Edim     E7          Cdim
Of sentimental verse, nothing in my purse
     E7                F#m7             Bm7-5          E7
And chuckles when the preacher said "For better or for worse"
D9         Dm6 Cdim  E7
How lovely       it  was

E7/6   Fdim        A6     F#m
Thanks     for the memory
    A            Edim   E7           Cdim
Of lingerie with lace, Pilsner by the case
    E7              F#m7               Bm7-5         E7
And how I jumped the day you trumped my one-and-only ace
    D9     E7       A
How lovely    it   was!

A           Amaj7      D9       E7
We said goodbye with a highball
     A        Amaj7        D9       E7
Then I got as "high" as a steeple
G             Bm7        Am7     D7
But we were intelligent people
G            G/F#      E7
No tears, no fuss, Hooray! For us

    E7/6   Fdim        A6     F#m
So, thanks     for the memory
    A              Edim   E7            Cdim
And strictly entre-nous, darling how are you?
    E7              F#m7              Bm7-5            E7
And how are all the little dreams that never did come true?
D              Fdim          A              F#7
Aw'flly glad I met you, cheerio, and toodle-oo
     D9       E7  A
And thank you so much.