Welcome to Mueslings, a wholly owned subsidiary of HumDrum.
These creations have been organized according mostly to length
and presumed ability to hold the reader's interest. In each
of the three groups – well, you can figure it out.

If you do not find the morsels in the first
two groups entertaining or insightful, use the form
provided to get a no-questions-asked full refund. Titles with
a red "
N" are in the development stage, coming soon (maybe).

Appetizers: O ye of little attention span! This group is for you. Bons mots and mini-slags, none requiring more than a couple minutes of your precious time. Two thumbs up, one finger on mouse!
Pieces on art; awards; the body; boomers; cartoons; death; ethnic etiquette; evolution; fame; folly and wisdom; the vertical pronoun; jealousy; not knowing; meditation; missionaries; opinions; organic food; paradox; sanctimony; and more.

Light Entrées: Just right, the middle meal, not necessarily short, but light. Not for the attention-deprived.
Pieces on addiction; breathing; communal living; entertainment; food; rating the gurus; intelligence; maturity; sex, money and power; work.

Entrées: Laid on thick, ponderous (refund offer does not apply). Serious stuff, fairly filling.
Pieces on drugs and the search; gender wars; mediocrity; overpopulation; rationalism.

What fools these morsels be! I demand !

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