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[This is pretty old, boring and irrelevant, but it's short, and you won't be able
to say you've visited the Vancouver sannyas scene completely unless you read it.
So there. At least it's not I Love Lucy re-runs]

kay, so there isn't much news. Nothing ever happens, what is just is. Anyway, we wanted the magazine to be timeless. But still....Once and future fearless centre leader Abhi is still on his epic journey to Pune and Africa, now completing the final leg, soon to return and resume his rightful place. His partner, the legendary former Tracy, succumbed to Osho's charms in Pune and became Ma Prem Dakshina. Her classic “To be or not to be” – about not taking sannyas – appeared in these pages in our last issue. We look forward to another article when she returns.

Osho's Birthday was celebrated in riotous style with a bunch of people in white singing, dancing and meditating and all that stuff. Live drumming with Dido, Satgit and Milan got the place à go-going, going, gone inside. Then a great change of pace with Manjula's sannyas celebration (see pics, P. 18 & 19) [yeah, right] – very heartful and ecstatic.

Rishi has retired from running our local community Infoline, citing pressures from the marketplace, time, etc. Thanks, Rishi, for your dedication in the past years. His spot will be taken over by Amiyo, whose time pressures helping with a certain local book production (which yr reporter would dearly love to go on about) are winding down.

Sarlo celebrated his 50th birthday recently by finally burning that old grey sweatshirt/ security blanket from his mother that he wore every day.

Sonam is enjoying the exhilarating feeling of bossing around men twice his size AND getting paid for it – he calls it basketball refereeing, says it's a lot like Gurdjieff dances, but we know what's going on. [His article about it appears in issue #3]

Shantam, who won the draw for a ticket to Pune at our Master's Day celebration last July, will be on her way in May, according to her latest press release.

Wendy and Kushad celebrated their recent move into Easy Life Canoe Club by buying a new canoe, in which Kushad proceeded to risk his life during the big freeze in December out in the islands. Rumour has it that ELCC, lacking a canoe, will be hanging it in their vestibule.

And lots of other things happened that I don't remember and anyway we have to make room for our loyal advertisers....

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