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["Current" as of Sep 1997]

lot has happened since our last issue many moons ago – and it would be surprising if it hadn’t. Nothing’s constant except for change, eh?

The really big change, aside from death (lots of that in the articles) and ego death (none of that, Sarlo’s article notwithstanding) is VOCAL, or Vancouver Osho Centre Almost Lacking. (It was hard, let me tell you, to resist the siren call of Vancouver Osho Meditation In Transition).

As we go to xerox, there is still no “final outcome” in the tectonic shifts at play here. Samaroha Centre, in a slow decline activity-wise since a year ago when Abhi departed for the wilds of Pune and Africa and came back a transformed man, may breathe its last when he and Dakshina move out to a quieter life on their own. A meeting in October may settle its fate. How does Oct 5 sound? Make that 7pm at Mulla. [See update below]

Meanwhile, Mada’s Lao Tzu Centre has been quietly growing. Mada and Sonu recently organized a well-attended launch party for Osho’s new book, India My Love, starring Vedant, Dido, Satgit, Shashi and Paul, among others. To come – coinciding with the launch of this magazine whose words I am typing and, through the magic of print, you are reading, and in fact providing us with an occasion to aim for – is a two-day meditation extravaganza starring Sudha and featuring Milarepa and Joshua in a special music group celebration blow-out. Also in the wind: unconfirmed rumours have it that undeveloped land in an unnamed burb is being considered for a new meditation retreat centre.

Anyway, no matter what the eventuality, this department takes the opportunity to thank Abhi and recognize his past and ongoing contributions to the community infrastructure: Centre, Just Dance, this very magazine. If nobody builds and maintains these playgrounds, we are all the poorer. Thank you, Abhi.

Nirgun’s book, Hellbent for Enlightenment, excerpted in this issue, has made it off the publisher’s back burner and is now scheduled to be released in early ’98. Amiyo, who has been helping her bang it into shape, is rumoured to be considering two (!!) more book projects of her own, not to mention painting. She has been riding the Artist’s Way wave (see Abhi’s article) which has swept up many local sannyasins in a whoosh of creativity.

The details of the Basho’s Pond Shuffle are just too byzantine to report, but all involved had wonderful experiences of being in the moment.

Sharno and Sanna have made their big move to a place in the sun, far from these rusty climes, in fabled Costa Rica, where the livin’ is easy and pay for diving instructors good. Ahh this! Already established there is Menlha and her rebalancing school, reincarnated as Hacienda del Sol. Dipping his toe in the tropical water is Paresh. Is this a trend?

Whooa! Hot flash! Paresh's tropical water has suddenly become...Pune. Is there no end to the twists and turns in our boy's life?

Yogesha has relocated over to Saltspring along with Tarab. We'll miss her earth mother presence here. And lots of other people came and went and things happened, no less important, but you gotta choose.

[Re“printed” for historical interest only. This is not significant gossip.
Samaroha survived the various upheavals, moved to Mulla Nasruddin House
and is "now" thriving in its own way. See the Samaroha page for more.]

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