Know Know Know

People that KNOW are the bane of existence. They are so sure they are the sole repositories of truth that they will tell you something about YOUR reality and if you don't treat it as like from God, you are invalidating THEM: "I'm in touch with my truth and my truth is that you are... or you need to..." Or, "I can see your energy and i have to trust my experience." (This is to say nothing , of course, about those who have a direct link to God, who are so over-the-top/schizophrenic that they're not even worth talking about).

You know the type? Most of them will not operate on the scale of Hitler; the degree of ambition and opportunity is different, but the quality of setting others straight is the same. Now i have my opinions, to be sure, but i know that i don't know. (Or at least i think so). Perhaps i am just lucky but i find that if i know something, that is, label an experience in my mind as knowing, something comes along quite quickly to blow it out of the water. Again and again i am forced to return to the position of not knowing. I bow down to the great god Murphy, in whom all wisdom and compassion resides.

Knowing is said to be a compensation for the insecurity of not knowing but i somehow find more security in not knowing. Not knowing is easy and fun. You can do it in your spare time at home and it costs nothing.

See also sanctimony and missionaries and opinion

I see i am developing a bit of redundancy here. Maybe enough on this general area.