Organicized Religion

First there was the friend who put some organic chard in my hand and told me to feel the energy. Well, this is not really my mode of communing with existence. Or to put it another way, i don't do energy. I cast no asparagus, organic or otherwise, on those that do. Just please allow me to experience in my own way, etc. But i got the unmistakeable whiff of theology in this encounter.

I recently had an epiphany of sorts regarding organic food, having to do with the toxins going into Mother Earth. For every kilo of toxin i ingest (over years), there must be thousands of kilos going into the ground, air and water. So i am more open now but not yet sold. I must confess my prejudices and investments: one is money. I am appalled at how much organic food costs. I understand there are some economies of scale that make non-organix cheaper, especially in the distribution end, but the more people get organic, the more this should settle out. Most of the cost of regular food however is in packaging and marketing, so even with big extra costs on the farm level, it seems that organic should be maybe half again as expensive, not two, three or four times as expensive. Okay, that's my most ignoble concern out of the way.

Two, i don't like being exploited. But who cares?

Three, there is this theology. The other day a friend was expostulating on the QUALITY of organic food. Me, i can't often tell the difference, but she insisted that as you develop your sensitivity in these matters, you can really feel it. Well all right. So we get these organic berries delivered that are 90% squished. No doubt they have some use – juice, pie, compost (superb), but not as whole berries. Nevertheless it seems the only important quality they have is organicity. Qualities such as taste, texture, (de)composition, seem almost irrelevant. This is emperor's new clothes land, where we agree to pretend they have that ineffable QUALITY that non-organix can never match. And the selling, and the hardline monopoly on truth! My God!