Baofu Congzhan
Jap., Hofuku Juten
born:  c. 860
died:  928

place:  China
Zen master:  Xuefeng (J., Seppo)
Zen disciple:  Wang Yanbin (J., O Empin)
Zen fellow monks:  Yunmen (J., Ummon),
Changqing (J., Chokei),                                     
Xuansha (J., Gensha)
Surname: Chen

native of Fujian Province, China
When Baofu was about to die he said to his monks,
"For the last ten days my vitality has decreased. It is
nothing; simply the time has come."
A monk said, "The time has come for you to die – is
that all right? To continue living – is that all right?"
Baofu answered, "It is the way."
The monk asked, "How can I stop being flustered?"
Baofu said, "It never rains but it pours." With this, he
sat in the zazen style and passed away.
Defend Happiness   Follow Unfold

Live Zen, ch. 15

Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-mind,
ch. 12

Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest,  
ch.1, ch. 14
Chinese simplified:
      oshobob  The Living Workshop                                         
                                                Zen Masters
Chokei one day said, “Even if you say that the
arhats still have three poisons, you should not
say that the tathagata has two languages. I do
not say that the tathagata has no language but
that he does not have two languages.”

Hofuku said, “What is the tathagata’s language?”

Chokei said, “How can a deaf person hear it?”

Hofuku said, “I know you are speaking from a
secondary principle.”

Chokei said, “What is the tathagata’s language?”

Hofuku said, “Have a cup of tea.”

Setcho’s commentary is:

    Who speaks from the first, who from the
    second principle?
    Dragons do not lie in puddles;
    Where dragons lurk, waves arise
    When no wind blows.
    Oh! You, Chokei Zen monk
    You’ve bruised your head on the dragon

This answer –“Have a cup of tea”– means listen
to a buddha or become a buddha. It simply
means have a taste of it, don’t talk about it. It is
not a question to be discussed, it is something to
be experienced like taste…. Have a cup of tea!

This statement, “Have a cup of tea,” comes in
many Zen anecdotes from different directions...

                                         – Osho
                                        Live Zen, ch. 15