Chengtian Daoyuan
born:  c. 940
died:  c. 1010

place:  China
Chan master:  Tiantai Deshao
Chan disciples:  none recorded
Little is known about this man, except that he is
historically credited with compiling the famous
Chan Book
The Transmission of the Lamp, in
1004.  This consists of 30 books of Chinese Chan
history, biographies, gongan(koans), legends,
etc. from pre-Gautaum Buddha to the Song
Dynasty when Daoyuan lived. Most Chan
literature is said to derive directly or indirectly
from this seminal book.
This is a different "Dogen" than than the famous
Japanese Zen master Dogen of the 1300 era.
Jap.   Joten Dogen
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                                                      Zen Masters

Ah, This, ch. 1
Ascending to the high seat, Dogen Zenji said:

    "Zen master Hogen studied with Keishin
    Once Keishin Zenji asked him, Joza,
    where do you go?'
    Hogen said. 'I am making pilgrimage
    Keishin said, 'What is the matter of your
    Hogen said, 'I don't know.'
    Keishin said, 'Not knowing is the most
    Hogen suddenly attained great

Immediately, that very moment, he crossed the
border. Immediately his last clinging
disappeared. Now he cannot even say, "I don't

The stupid person says, "I know"; the intelligent
person comes to know that "I don't know." But
there is a transcendence of both when only
silence prevails. Nothing can be said, nothing
can be uttered. Hogen entered that silence, that
great enlightenment, and suddenly, immediately,
without any lapse of time.

Enlightenment is always sudden because it is
not an achievement; it is already the case. It is
only a remembering, it is only a reminding, it is
only a recognition. You are already enlightened;
you are just not aware of it. It is awareness of
that which is already the case...

                                                 Ah, This!, ch. 1
[Oshobob had created this page, and linked to it from his more Chinese Chan-oriented lineage chart, but not from the original chart the current "Zen Masters in Osho's talks" chart is derived from. Thus, Joten's place in the current chart has been determined from the Chan chart and other inferences.]