Dahui Zonggao
Great Wisdom     Religion Bright
Japanese:  Daie Soko
born:  1089
died:  1163 -- 74 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Yuanwu (compiler and commentator
Blue Cliff Record) (J. Engo)
Chan disciples:  over 50 listed as enlightened.
aka: Ta Hui (old W.G. romanization)
Dahui compiled The Treasury of the True Dharma

He is also well known in Zen history as the Zen
master who attempted to destroy all the copies of
his master's(Yuanwu) great work, the Blue Cliff
believing students were becoming too
attached to the Zen literature, and avoiding their
own experiences.
Ta Hui said:

The path of mindlessness is easy to seek
out. So-called mindlessness is not being inert
and unknowing like earth, wood, tile, or
stone; it means that the mind is settled…

It means that the mind is settled and
imperturbable when in contact with situations
and meeting circumstances; that it does not
cling to anything, but is clear in all places,
without hindrance or obstruction...

The great Zen teacher Ta Hui comes from
the  same lineage as Bodhidharma.  He was
born four hundred years after Bodhidharma
had left for the Himalayas, to disappear into
the eternal ice, the eternal silence there.
I have called Ta Hui the great Zen teacher--
not a master...it has to be explained to you
clearly.  The master is one who is
enlightened, but sometimes it happens that
the master may be enlightened, but is not
articulate enough to give expression to what
he has known. That is a totally different art.
The teacher is not enlightened, but he is very

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui: Reflections on
the Transformation of an Intellectual to
Enlightenment, ch. 1

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui:  Reflections
on the Transformation of an Intellectual to
(entire book uses Dahui's writings and
letters--38 talks).

Ah, This !, ch. 1
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