Myocho Shuho (Jap.)
aka: Daito Kokushi
(National Teacher Daito)
born: 1282
died: 1334

place: Japan
Zen master: Daio Kokushi (Nanpo Jomyo)
Zen disciples: Tetto Giko, Kanzan Egen...

The First Principle, ch. 9

Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest, ch. 9
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Some seeker asked master Daito...

"Tell us, master, when Shakyamuni Buddha saw
the morning star, what did he see?"...

Why did he become enlightened by seeing the last

Many people have copied it – people are foolish,
people are monkeys. Many Buddhists sit, they even
go to Bodhgaya – they come from China, from
Korea, from Japan, from Ceylon – they go to
Bodhgaya, they sit under the Bodhi tree, they try to
rest the whole night, and they watch, many times it
must be, in the night they must be looking: whether
the last star is there or gone. And they must be
closing their eyes again – it is still night and there
are so many stars – and they must be afraid and
tense: will they be able to see the last star, or will
they miss? And they have to see the last star

                                      The First Principle, ch. 9
Chinese simplified: Miaochao Zongfeng 妙超宗峰
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