(Dayi Daoxin)
Jap., Daii Doshin
Great Healer    Dao Trust
born:  580
died:  651

place:  China
Chan master: Sengcan (J., Sosan)
Chan disciples: Hongren (J., Konin), Niutou
Farong (Oxhead School)
Daoxin is considered the 4th Chinese Patriarch,
after Bodhidharma.  Like the first 6 generations of
Chan masters, he is usually known by his "2nd
name", ie. Daoxin.
posthumous name:  Dayi  (Great Healer)
stupa name:  Compassionate Cloud
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[Osho does not mention Daoshin in any of his talks. This is the only such non-mention appearing in Oshobob's Osho talks-oriented lineage chart.  Possibly he felt he could not leave him out to due his historical importance.]