Dasui Fazhen
Mt. Dasui    Dharma Truth
Jap., Daizui Hoshin
born:  878
died:  963   85 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Guishan Da'an
Chan disciples: ...
aka:  "Shenzhao"

No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, ch. 8, ch. 10
          oshobob  The Living Workshop                                        
                                                     Zen Masters
A monk came to see Master Daizui, and said to
him, “Mount Gotai and Mount Daizui – what are
they like? How is Mount Daizui?”
Daizui said, “Speak louder – I’m hard of hearing.”
The monk repeated the question in a loud voice.
Daizui said: “It is like a thousand mountains, ten
thousand mountains!”

On another occasion a monk said, “One of the
ancients stood in the snow and cut off his arm.
What truth was he seeking?”
Daizui replied, “He didn’t cut off his arm.”
The monk protested, “He did cut it off! Why do
you say that he didn’t?”
Daizui observed, “He was enjoying being in the

At another time, a monk bowed to the statue of
Manjushree, in the presence of Daizui. The
master lifted up his mosquito-flapper and said,
“Manjushree and Samantabhadra are both
contained in this.”
The monk drew a circle, threw it behind him, and
then stretched out his arms.
Daizui told the attendant to give the monk a cup
of tea.

“A cup of tea” has a totally different meaning
when uttered by a master. In Zen, it is again from
Bodhidharma. He dwelt on a mountain which was
called T’a, and he wanted to remain awake
twenty-four hours, so he cut his eyebrows and
threw them before the temple – it may be fiction,
but it is worth mentioning. Rains came and the
eyebrows started growing. Those were the first
tea leaves.

They are called tea leaves because they first
grew on the mountain T’a. And because they are
originally the eyebrows of one of the most
awakened men, Bodhidharma, tea still keeps you
awake. If you don’t want to sleep, a cup of tea….

When a Zen master says, “Give this man a cup of
tea,” he means a cup of awareness. That is the
meaning of tea in the Zen tradition...

No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, ch. 8