Dogen Kigen (Japanese)
Ch., Daoyuan Xixuan
Dao Essential   Uncommon Profound
born:  1200
died:  1253   53 years

place:  Japan
Chan master:  Tiantong Rujing (China), others
Chan disciples:  J., Ko-un, ...
This is the very famous Japanese Zen master
Dogen.  He studied Buddhism in Japan from an
early age, went to China and traveled to various
Chan temples, and returned to Japan. He has
written many well known treatises on Zen, and is
considered one of the initiators of Zen in
Japan--the Caodong, or "Soto" line is his lineage.

Dogen: The Zen Master (entire book uses
writings of Dogen)

The Miracle, ch. 2, ch. 4, ch. 5
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                                                      Zen Masters
Dogen wrote:
To study the way is to study the self. To study the
self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be
enlightened by all things. To be enlightened by all
things is to remove the barriers between one's
self and others. Then there is no trace of
enlightenment, though enlightenment itself
continues into one's daily life endlessly.
The first time we seek the law, we are far away
from the border of it. But soon after the law has
been correctly transmitted to us, we are
enlightened persons.

When Dogen became a master in his own right,
when Ju-ching declared to him, "Now, no more
play the role of being a disciple," at that moment
he hit Dogen and said, "You have come to
understand; now be compassionate on the blind
humanity. Now don't go on sitting by my side. You
are a buddha. Just because you were wandering
here and there, you could not understand. Then
sitting by my side, silently ... I have not given you
anything. You have simply become centered, and
in this centering is the inner revolution..."

         Dogen: The Zen Master--A Search and a    
ch. 1