Enni Ben'en (Jap.)
aka: Shoitsu Kokushi
Chin. Yuan'er Bianyuan
born:  1202
died:  1280   78 years

place:  Japan
Chan master:  Wuzhun (China)
Zen disciples:  many recorded

The Original Man, ch. 3
Enni Ben'en was a contemporary of Dogen,
two of the first Japanese masters who traveled to
China and studied under Chan masters, and
then returned to Japan to begin Zen in their
native country

posthumous name:  Shoitsu Kokushi ("National
Teacher" Shoitsu)
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                                                      Zen Masters
Shoitsu said:
"Since the buddhas and patriarchs, there
have been three general levels of dealing with
people. On the uppermost level there are no
further techniques, no meaning of principle;
verbal understanding is impossible..."

That's the best and the most perfect way – a
simple transmission from the master to the
disciple; nobody knows about it, nobody sees
it. It is simply energy moving from one fire to
another possibility of fire, and making the
hidden, possible fire in the disciple awakened.

This first principle is really the only important
principle, but it needs tremendous trust on the
part of the disciple – an opening of the whole
heart, coming as close to the master as
possible so his flame can reach your heart
and can start another flame within you, can
awaken you to your buddhahood...

                             The Original Man, ch. 3