Fengxue Yanzhao
Jap., Fuketsu Ensho
Wind Cave    Extended Pond
born:  896
died:  973   77 years

place:  China
Chan master:  Nanyuan (J. Nan'in)
Chan disciples:  Shoushan (J., Shuzan),...
Wumenguan, Case 24
Blue Cliff Record, Case 38, 67.
Record of Silence, Case 29, 34

One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green, ch. 3,
ch. 4

The First Principle: talks on Zen, ch. 7
Fengxue is in Henan Province, China, about 50
miles south of Shaolin Temple, near the city of

All of the Linji (J., Rinzai) lineage of Zen masters
descend from Fengxue Yanzhao.
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Once, a monk asked Fuketsu, "What is the

Fuketsu replied, "The bamboo whips of Mount Jorin."

Another monk then asked, "What is the buddha?"

Fuketsu answered, "What is not the buddha?"

A third monk said to Fuketsu, "The Western
Patriarch came bringing his message; I ask you to
tell me it point-blank!"

At this, Fuketsu replied, "When one dog barks at
nothing, a thousand monkeys really show their

On another occasion a monk asked, "What is the
meaning of Daruma's coming from the West?"

Fuketsu said, "We know all the windings of the
mountain stream, but not the mountain itself."

To know the mountain you will have to become the
mountain. To know Bodhidharma you will have to
become a Bodhidharma. There is no other way.

To know the Buddha you have to become a buddha.
Being a Buddhist, you are monkeying, you are
imitating. Monkeys are very great as far as imitation
is concerned.

All the so-called religions are full of monkeys...

   One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green, ch. 3
Chinese simplified:  风穴延沼