Foso Hoyen (Japanese romaji)

 China? Japan?
Zen master:
Zen disciples:

Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, ch. 7
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The master Foso Hoyen said: "They say that
Buddha uttered five thousand and forty-eight
truths during his lifetime. They include the truth of
emptiness and the truth of being. They include the
truth of sudden enlightenment and the truth of
gradual enlightenment. Are not all these yea-

"But on the other hand, Yoka, in the 'Song of
Enlightenment' says there are no beings and no
Buddhas  – sages are sea-bubbles, and great
minds are only flickerings of lightning. Are not all
these nay-sayings?

"Oh my disciples, if you say yea, you deny Yoka,
and if you say nay, you contradict Buddha. If
Buddha were here with you, how would he solve
this problem?

"If we knew where to stand we would question
Buddha every morning and greet him every night.
But as we don't know where to stand I will let you
into a secret: When I say this is so, perhaps it is
not a yea-saying. When I say this is not so,
perhaps it is not a nay-saying.

"Turn to the East and see the holy Western land,
face South to see the Northern Star."

Paradoxes...but truth can only be expressed
through paradoxes. Your inner fullness can only
be expressed by emptiness, and your real life is
possible only through death. Resurrection
happens only after crucifixion. If you really want to
be alive, be as if you are dead. If you really want
to be intelligent, live as if you are an idiot.

Lao-Tzu has said, "The whole world is wise except
me. I am an idiot."

The word ‘idiot’ is beautiful. It comes from the
same root as the word ‘idiom’. Idiom is a personal
style. Idiom means personal style and an idiot
means one who lives his own way; an idiot means
one who is doing his own thing and is not worried
about the world. One who is not an imitator is an
idiot. It has nothing to do with stupidity...

                  Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, ch. 7