Fugai Honko
born:  1779
died:  1847

place:  Japan
Zen master:  Genro
Zen disciples: Sengai Ekido, ...

Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, ch. 9

Dang Dang Doko Dang, ch. 1
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This page has been reproduced from Oshobob's site for the sake of completeness but it seems that he guessed which Fugai the stories refer to wrong, with this  Fugai Honko. The other Fugai (Ekun) lived at the same time as Tetsugyu, also mentioned in the same Osho story as here from Dang Dang Doko Dang and excerpted more fully in Tetsugyu's page. Plus the description of his hermit lifestyle there fits with that of the historical Fugai Ekun given at Terebess.
Note:  There is another Zen master, Fugai Enkun
風外慧薫 (1568-1654) who also lived in Japan.
Which one the stories here refer to are unknown at
the present time.
The master Fugai was considered very wise and generous, yet he was most severe, both with himself and his disciples...

Zen is severe. It is a very arduous path. It is not a game to play with, it is playing with fire. You will never be the same again once you enter into the world of Zen. You will be totally transformed, so much so that you will not be able to recognize yourself...

                      Dang Dang Doko Dang, ch. 1