Gushan Shenyan
born:  c. 850
died:  c. 920

place:  China
Chan master:  Xuefeng (J. Seppo)
Chan disciples: 11 recorded as Zen masters.

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 32
Mt. Gushan (Drum Mountain)      Divine Feast
aka: Ku Shan (old W.G.)
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                                                      Zen Masters
One day, Ku Shan approached Hsueh Feng.
Feng knew his circumstances were ripe.

So he suddenly got up, held him tight, and said,
"What is it?"

Opening up, Ku Shan was completely
enlightened. He even forgot his comprehending

He just raised his hand and waved, nothing
more. Feng said, "Will you express some

But there is absolute silence, the story has
ended.  The master's question--"You have
waved your hand, that's right.  But will you
express some principle that you have
understood, experienced?" --the disciple has not
answered.  There is no answer! He must have
stood before the master, being himself the
answer--his silence, his joy his sudden
opening...His crazy gesture of waving the hand
simply indicates that it is beyond the mind and
beyond his comprehension...what
principle?--there is only silence and no

              The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, ch. 32