Hakuin Ekaku (Jap.)
born:  1685
died:  1768   83 years

place:  Japan
Zen master:  J.,  Dokyo Etan
Zen disciples:  25 recorded as Zen masters.
Chin., Baiyin Huihe
Clear Hidden      Wisdom Crane

This Very Body the Buddha (entire book uses
writings by Hakuin)

Turning In, ch. 6

The Language of Existence, ch. 2

A Bird on the Wing, ch. 3

No Water, No Moon, ch. 3
Hakuin is one of the most well known Japanese
Zen masters in its long history. He lived about
500 years after Zen was introduced into Japan.  
Also an accomplished calligrapher and artist,
Hakuin's record is
very well documented in Zen
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                                                      Zen Masters
Then I thought I should give you something
beautiful on this day. And I remembered
Song of Meditation
. It is a very small song, but a
great gift. Hakuin is one of the greatest Zen
masters. His song contains all: all the Bibles and all
the Korans and all the Vedas. A small song of few
lines, but it is like a seed – very small, but if you
allow passage to it to your heart, it can become a
great tree. It can become a Bodhi tree – it will have
great foliage and much shade and thousands of
people can sit and rest underneath it. It will have
big branches and many birds can come and have
their nests on it...

                    This Very Body the Buddha, ch. 1